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Certificate of Nonprofit Facilities Management
FAC 110 | Facility Condition Assessment 
FAC 120 | Facility Maintenance Manual
FAC 130 | Renovations and Construction
FAC 140 | Sustainable Facility Practices
FAC 150 | Facility Safety and Security



Certificate of Nonprofit Accounting
ACCT 200 | Introduction to Nonprofit Accounting
ACCT 210 | Nonprofit Financial Analysis
ACCT 220 | From Process to Strategy: Optimal Budgeting for Nonprofits
ACCT 230 | Internal Controls and Accountability 
ACCT 240 | Audits and the Audit Committee

The Essentials of Federal Grants Administration

Finance for the Nonfinancial Manager



Certificate of Fundraising Essentials
FND 110 | Ethics in Fundraising
FND 120 | Intro to Corporate and Foundation Relations
FND 130 | Intro to Individual Donor Development
FND 140 | Intro to Government Funding
FND 150 | Fundraising and Special Event Planning
FND 160 | Intro to Development Planning and Budgeting

Certificate of Annual Giving Campaigns
FND 220 | Understanding Donors
FND 221 | Stories That Stick: Marketing and Communications for Fundraising
FND 222 | Annual Appeals
FND 223 | Annual Giving Planning

Certificate of Major Giving
FND 230 | Fundamentals of Major Giving
FND 231 | Matchmaker, Matchmaker: Donor Prospecting
FND 232 | The Art of the Ask: Donor Cultivation
FND 233 | Now What? Donor Stewardship

Certificate of Grant Fundraising
FND 240 | Constructing a Powerful Case for Support
FND 241 | Writing Winning Grants for Foundation and Corporate Giving
FND 242 | Begin with the End in Mind: Grant Budgeting
FND 243 | Grant Reporting for Impact

Certificate of Digital Fundraising
FND 250 | Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Building an Engaged Online Community
FND 251 | Digital Storytelling and Content Creation
FND 252 | Planning and Designing Digital Campaigns 

Certificate of Capital Campaigns
FND 270 | Tools for Conducting a Winning Capital Campaign
FND 271 | Case Statements for Capital Campaigns
FND 272 | Donor Prospecting, Communications, and Recognition for Capital Campaigns
FND 273 | Cultivating Major Individual Capital Campaign Prospects
FND 274 | Corporate and Foundation Relations for Capital Campaigns

Writing the Annual Report

Data-Driven Fundraising

Writing the Annual Appeal Letter

Proven Methods for Securing Government Grants and Contracts

National Foundation Relations

Donor Retention: Writing Your Stewardship Plan

Donor Advised Funds



Certificate of Nonprofit Board Management
GOV 210 | Building Better Boards
GOV 220 | Board Recruitment, Orientation, and Engagement
GOV 230 | Improving Board Fundraising Effectiveness
GOV 240 | Starting and Sustaining a Board Development Plan 

Advanced Nonprofit Board Leadership Clinic (Under $1M Budget)

Advanced Nonprofit Board Leadership Clinic ($1M+ Budget)



Certificate of Nonprofit Human Resource Management
HR 210 | Strategic Human Resources Management 
HR 220 | Strategic Talent Development and Performance Management
HR 230 | Employee Relations and Policy Management
HR 240 | Legal Compliance and Policy Development

The Right Hire, the Right Way



Certificate of Supervision and Management
MGT 110 | Understanding the Role of a Supervisor
MGT 120 | Transitioning from Tactical Manager to Strategic Leader
MGT 130 | Hiring and Evaluating Performance
MGT 140 | Employee Performance Challenges
MGT 150 | Understanding People, Building Teams

Certificate of Workplace Communication and Leadership
LDR 250 | Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People
LDR 251 | Managing Difficult Conversations
LDR 252 | Conflict Resolution: Getting Along in the Workplace
LDR 253 | Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace

Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership
LDR 210 | Fundamentals of Good Leadership
LDR 220 | Developing Leaders
LDR 230 | Diagnosing Your Business
LDR 240 | Building and Implementing Strategy

High Potential Diverse Leaders

Leadership in Today's Nonprofit

Time Management

Emotional Intelligence

Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance

Public Speaking for Friendly Crowds

Strategies for Eliminating Bias in Nonprofit Organizations



Certificate of Nonprofit Marketing Essentials
MKT 210 | Planning for Marketing Success
MKT 220 | Brand Management
MKT 230 | The Marketer's Toolbox
MKT 240 | Your Friends, the Media

Certificate of Nonprofit Social Media
SM 210 | Planning for Social Media Success
SM 220 | Best Practices in Social Media Platforms
SM 230 | Social Media Advertising
SM 240 | Social Media Analytics

All Together Now: Internal Communications at Your Organization

On the Record: Better Media Interviews for Nonprofit Leaders



Certificate of Nonprofit Organization Management
NPO 210 | The Nonprofit Organization
NPO 220 | Nonprofit Marketing and Communications
NPO 230 | Nonprofit Fundraising and Development
NPO 240 | Accounting for Your Mission: Finance for the Nonfinancial Manager
NPO 250 | Managing Staff and Volunteers

Certificate of Outcome Management Systems
PER 201 | Performance Measures: How to Write Fantastic Measures that Demonstrate Impact and Accountability
PER 202 | Writing and Evaluating Performance Measures: What Does Success Look Like? Using Measures to Evaluate and Manage Programs
PER 203 | Managing Performance Measures: Create and Use a Dashboard to Promote Continuous Organizational Improvement
PER 204 | Messaging Performance Measures: Demonstrating Impact

Certificate of Nonprofit Program Management Essentials
PRO 210 | With or For? Program Design and Community Engagement
PRO 220 | Dollars and Sense: Program Budgeting and Tracking
PRO 230 | Everyday Leadership
PRO 240 | People First: Nonprofit Service Delivery
PRO 250 | Raising Awareness, Driving Action: Communications, Development, and Programs

Certificate of Change Management

Intended Impact: What Is Your Theory of Change?

Fostering a Healthy Program Team Culture

Communicating Change: Leading from Resistance to Commitment

Certificate of Writing Outcome Measures

Social Enterprise for Today's Nonprofit



Certificate of Nonprofit Volunteer Management
VOL 110 | Introduction to Volunteer Management
VOL 120 | Volunteer Policies, Processes, and Structure
VOL 130 | Volunteer Recruitment, Development, Training, and Retention
VOL 140 | Making Volunteers Your Best Advocates and Leaders



How to Start a Nonprofit