Certificate of Capital Campaigns


July 12, 2023

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9:00 am

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12:30 pm



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Nonprofit University

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Non-Members: $525


With the right planning and shared expectations in place, even the grandest capital campaign can be managed for success.

This series will walk you through all phases of a winning capital campaign, from planning and assessing readiness to building teams and case statements, prospecting and communicating with donors, cultivating philanthropic support, making major asks, and recognizing contributors.

In the first three courses you’ll learn to plan and execute a capital campaign, from readiness assessments to case statements to donor research and relations. The last two courses focus on donor prospecting, especially for those organizing larger campaigns that require more support from institutional sources and other major donors.

Throughout, you’ll get insight into trends, tips on activating champions (internal and external), useful templates and tools, and practice applying concepts in-class.

Key Concepts

  • Planning for capital campaigns, including timelines, assessing readiness, feasibility studies, internal capacity audits, budgeting, and building teams
  • Developing case statements specific to capital campaigns
  • Donor research, relationship-building, and communications, including donor recognition
  • Making capital asks of major individual donors
  • Cultivating foundation and corporate support for capital campaigns


  • Executive Directors and CEOs
  • Development Directors, officers, and VPs
  • Other development support staff
  • Board members chairing committees in finance, fundraising, facilities, and capital campaigns

Included Courses

FND 270 | Tools for Conducting a Winning Capital Campaign

Everything you need to know to create the foundation for a successful capital campaign launch. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

July 12, 2023

FND 271 | Case Statements for Capital Campaigns

A complete guide to the process of drafting your organization’s all-important “case statement,” the argument that forms the foundation for all of your donor communications and asks. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

July 14, 2023

FND 272 | Donor Prospecting, Communications, and Recognition for Capital Campaigns

How to evaluate a prospect’s capacity to give and their affinity for your organization, as well as how to communicate with and recognize donors throughout your campaign. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

July 19, 2023

FND 273 | Cultivating Major Individual Capital Campaign Prospects

Crafting an ask that persuasively demonstrates the benefits of your work to individuals with the capacity to invest major gifts. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

July 21, 2023

FND 274 | Corporate and Foundation Relations for Capital Campaigns

Learn how to best relate your campaign’s goals to corporations and foundations in order to secure their support. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

July 26, 2023

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Rochelle B. Dennis

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