Management Accelerators

Nonprofits need exceptional managers, capable of handling anything that comes their way. GCN’s Management Accelerators make that possible, empowering team leaders with the skills that matter most.

Our Management Accelerators cover a comprehensive set of skills for managing individuals, teams, and strategy. Designed to deliver value for the organization immediately, our Accelerators make learning fun and effective. 

In addition, each Accelerator is appropriate for individuals and teams, and Accelerators do not need to be taken in any particular order.

Cost per Accelerator

  • GCN members: $600
  • Non-members: $800
  • Group discount: Save $50 per attendee for groups of 2 to 3, or $100 for groups of 4 or more, from the same organization.
  • Multiple Accelerator discount: Save $50 per attendee when signing up for more than one Accelerator.

Note: Management Accelerators are not covered by the NU Subscription plan.

Team Management Accelerator

Advances managers’ ability to lead effectively and inclusively, build and align high-impact teams, and maintain a positive work culture even in times of uncertainty and change.

  • Team Assessments 
  • Inclusive Behaviors in Management
  • Building Trust Rapidly
  • Effective Delegation & Accountability
  • Skillful Conflict & Collaboration Management

Strategy Management Accelerator

Elevates managers’ strategic and adaptive skills to ensure mission impact via executional excellence and powerful partnerships with senior staff. 

  • Strategic Thinking & Linking
  • Performance Management 
  • Meetings Mastery
  • Leading Change
  • People Development

Individual Management Accelerator

Equips managers with the skills that are essential to effectively develop staff, align goals, and build accountability. 

  • Coaching for Employee Success
  • Effectively Communicating Feedback
  • Managing Productivity & Prioritization
  • Delivering Effective One-on-Ones 
  • Managing with Emotional Intelligence

What makes our Accelerators unique?

Skills that Stick

Informed by our experience training thousands of nonprofit pros.
What we teach, and how we teach it, is rooted in a deep understanding of what today’s nonprofit managers need to know and do to be successful.

Immediately Useful

Busy nonprofit managers need training that delivers now – not weeks from now.
That’s why we focus on “tipping point” skills – small changes that deliver big impact – accompanied by the frameworks, feedback, and real-world examples that make it easy to use them instantly and consistently.

Fun and Different

This is not your typical management training.
Because adults learn best when they engage with content, we use role-play, case studies, and discussion groups to get participants to apply new frameworks and experience the results directly.

Support Beyond the Classroom

Completing courses is just the first step.
To ensure managers are supported throughout their journey, participants receive full access to a suite of tools, session recordings, and templates for implementation, plus follow-up email "mini-missions," invites to gatherings and events, and an ongoing support network.

Join us in August – online!

The Team Management Accelerator – now virtual – starts up August 16.