Individual Management Accelerator


July 12, 2024

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9:00 am

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12:30 pm



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Nonprofit University

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Members: $600
Non-Members: $800
Discounts are available when you register a team and/or for multiple accelerator cores. Email us for details!

Our Management Accelerators cover a comprehensive set of skills, divided into three management areas: individuals, teams, and strategy. Together, these three Accelerators will equip nonprofit managers to succeed in a demanding environment and deliver value for the organization quickly.

The Individual Management Accelerator will equip managers with the skills to effectively develop staff, align goals, and build accountability through five practical, hands-on workshop sessions.

Note: Management Accelerators are not covered by the NU Subscription plan.


What’s included

Coaching for Employee Success

July 12, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

One fundamental aspect of great leaders is the ability to engage, empower, and improve performance in direct reports through the use of skillful coaching. In this workshop, participants learn and practice the application of proven coaching frameworks that will help their team members become more self-sufficient, resolve problems faster, and make more valuable contributions to the team.

What you will do in this workshop:

  • Learn the fundamentals of coaching and coaching techniques
  • Learn and practice the use of coaching frameworks focused on active listening, structuring conversations, selecting questions, and building alignment and next steps
  • Learn and practice the art of asking good questions – the kind that clarify issues, quickly discern priorities, and empower direct reports
  • Role-play real-world work challenges and get feedback on your coaching skills for immediate improvement
  • Discuss obstacles and issues, then problem-solve with peers


Effectively Communicating Feedback

July 19, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

High-quality feedback is what drives an organization’s ability to grow, adapt, and improve. To successfully implement any strategy or initiative, managers must be able to provide feedback that’s timely and clear. This workshop presents the foundations of effective feedback and provides space for participants to practice frameworks that will dramatically and immediately improve feedback quality by making it specific, actionable, and inspiring.

What you will do in this workshop:

  • Learn a simple framework for giving effective feedback and practice it through role-play and case studies
  • Learn strategies to decrease defensiveness, build trust, and increase self-efficacy by capitalizing on strengths
  • Learn to turn feedback into a two-way conversation with questions that check perception, problem-solve jointly, make requests, and determine commitment and understanding
  • Practice creating a feedback script and get peer feedback to improve it
  • Discuss ways to apply learnings at work and build a culture of feedback


Managing Productivity and Prioritization

July 26, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

When time and resources are limited, techniques for working smarter are essential. Participants will learn to diagnose productivity challenges in teams and individuals, and practice frameworks for improving time awareness, prioritization, and organization.

What you will do in this workshop:

  • Understand the psychology behind people’s biggest productivity challenges
  • Learn to diagnose time management challenges of your own and among your direct reports
  • Explore the productivity habits (positive and negative) that are being reinforced on your team
  • Learn and practice a range of tools and techniques for improving time awareness, prioritization, and focus
  • Learn and practice coaching questions that build priority alignment with direct reports
  • Discuss ways to incorporate workshop concepts within your work immediately


Delivering Effective One-on-Ones

August 2, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Effective managers use one-on-one meetings differently. More than a simple update opportunity, one-on-ones can be used to build trust, remove obstacles, and develop professionally. This workshop shares easy methods and techniques to help direct reports learn, grow, and connect through one-on-ones, leading to greater mutual success and mission impact.

What you will do in this workshop:

  • Learn to use one-on-ones to increase employee engagement
  • Identify opportunities to coach, share feedback, and align on priorities via one-on-ones
  • Learn and practice effective one-on-one framework(s)
  • Review a sample one-on-one agenda
  • Discuss obstacles and how to put what you’ve learned into action immediately


Managing with Emotional Intelligence

August 9, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Team dynamics can have a profound effect on direct reports’ productivity, satisfaction, and performance – and those dynamics depend enormously on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), a set of competencies that enhance your ability to use empathy and constructive communication to create a collaborative, cooperative work environment. When managers relate well to others, they are able to accomplish more via  encouragement, persuasion, and inspiration, ultimately leading others to achieve their best work.

What you will do in this workshop:

  • Evaluate your current EQ level and the skills you need to develop to transform the way you interact with others
  • Identify your communication strengths and weaknesses
  • Overcome personal beliefs that may be holding you back
  • Understand how your emotions affect others – and yourself
  • Learn and practice tools that will make team meetings, projects, presentations, discussions, and collaborations easier


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