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We're passionate about helping our clients succeed.

From managing complex change initiatives to providing the tools and resources to implement them, The Nonprofit Consulting Group brings together everything you need to achieve your goals and advance the projects that define your organization’s future. 

As a client, you can count on GCN’s experienced advisors to lead your project. Equipped with GCN’s full portfolio of resources – from current market data to training resources and tools for implementation – The Nonprofit Consulting Group will ensure your project is a success.

Right now, you can get a FREE hour of coaching from GCN Consulting.

Find out what a thought partner can do for your organization and impact.

We were built for you.

The Nonprofit Consulting Group was built specifically for nonprofits and philanthropic institutions. Over the past 25 years, we’ve served  hundreds of clients, from large international institutions to small rural agencies; broad collective impact efforts to grantee cohorts; and in all cause areas, from health to the environment.

Driven by sector-specific expertise, data-informed insights, and practical knowledge of nonprofit realities, we maintain a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing nonprofits and philanthropies. See our client list.

We believe in the power of the team.

Our consultants are ready to become the “thought partners” for your team. To help you achieve your goals, we take full advantage of the knowledge and experience already on hand at your organization while bringing objectivity, creativity, and expertise to our work together. We listen, analyze, create, and communicate, leveraging what we have learned from our work with the full spectrum of the sector.

Our role is to co-design solutions that courageously challenge the status quo with an eye toward real-world implementation, practicality and capacity.

Data is our superpower.

We work in facts and data, applying insights from market research, community data, structured interviews and surveys, impact results, and financial analysis to inform options and decisions. We provide the evidence that your decision-making processes need to shape effective strategies and operations. 

Values guide our work.

Our values – Integrity, Partnership, Candor, Inclusion, Rigor, and Creativity – define and guide the way we approach our work with organizations.


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To learn more about how The Nonprofit Consulting Group can make the most of your organization, contact us at or 678-916-3082.

Consulting Team

We have the breadth and depth of nonprofit management consulting expertise you need.

GCN’s Nonprofit Consulting Group consists of a core team with strong strategic planning, organizational development, fundraising, and executive transition expertise. We have experience leading and overseeing virtually all major categories of consulting services. We also maintain a group of experienced consulting partners to work with clients, while GCN provides project support, oversight, and continuity as our clients’ future needs are identified.

Kathy Keely

Executive VP, Programs & Senior Consultant

Donna Leggett

Coastal Region Manager & Senior Consultant

Elizabeth Runkle

Senior Consultant

Consulting Clients

GCN’s Nonprofit Consulting Group provides quality consulting services to numerous organizations annually, representing a variety of sizes, stages, and needs. Here are just a few of the nonprofits we have served.