Executive Search, Transitions & Succession Planning

Let our team of experienced nonprofit experts help you plan for a leadership transition or conduct the search for candidates that fit your criteria and organization.

Executive search and transitions

Whether you are looking for a new CEO, executive director, chief development officer, or other C-suite executive, finding the right leadership for your organization is vital for the future of your mission. A change in your executive lineup affects constituents, staff, the board, donors, partners, and, often, the broader community. It’s important to enlist the expertise of an executive search team with an intimate knowledge of the nonprofit sector – a team that truly understands the competencies needed to fulfill these top roles, and which has the network in place to connect these leaders to your organization.

Our search consultants work with you to design an efficient and effective hiring process. We identify the critical leadership competencies you need and help you draft the job description and salary package that will draw outstanding candidates. We then partner with you through every step: from early recruiting and screenings to in-depth interviews, salary negotiations, referencing, and extending an offer. We can work with your search committee or hiring executive to provide a framework for your organization’s in-house hiring effort, or we can conduct the search on your behalf. We do national, regional, and local searches.

Succession planning

In succession planning, GCN consultants provide a framework to help your organization think through the realities of a planned or unplanned departure of leadership. From unpacking the job to developing the board and staff, we help you draft a plan that ensures the organization runs smoothly during transition, whether expected or unexpected. 

As a nonprofit ourselves, empowering you with the right leadership is not just our job: It’s our mission. We are relentlessly dedicated to making sure mission-focused organizations in Georgia have the leadership to thrive. Let us put our energy, passion, and expertise to work on your behalf.

To learn more about how GCN’s Nonprofit Consulting Group can support your executive search and transition, contact us at consulting@gcn.org or 678-916-3082.

Insights from our team

For each search, we talk with over 100 people to identify candidates that fit your criteria and needs.

Finding the right development officer or executive leader can make or break your organization, but often that person is already employed and must be actively recruited to consider your organization.

It’s worth investing the time and energy up front to build a strong leadership profile and shared consensus around what you need for the future.

Succession planning can be difficult, even threatening, to some executives or board leaders, but without it the organization is vulnerable to poor decision-making and the likelihood of having to hire amidst a crisis.

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