Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resource Hub

GCN’s aim, with this resource hub, is to help you build capacity for equity work internally and externally.

Correcting systemic racism and unconscious bias can’t happen without practical solutions, sustained practice, and every one of us – in each organization and across the sector – working together.

It’s our hope that the information we’ve curated here can contribute meaningfully to your own efforts and, ultimately, to sector-wide progress.

We will be updating this page as we create and discover new resources.

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Vital to DEI work is understanding how racism has been constructed, maintained, and countered. This is why GCN has drawn heavily from the Racial Equity Tools website, which you can visit to get a more comprehensive overview of DEI fundamentals and much, much more.

Use the links below to explore the concepts, terms, and history involved in today’s efforts to establish Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a central value of nonprofit work.


It’s critical to have the facts – including place-based statistics and other hard data – when making the case for DEI investment and when planning interventions to address the effects of systemic inequity.

Use the information at these links to put together talking points, grant proposals, program plans, and other materials demonstrating the need for racial equity work, and other DEI efforts, both in the field and within your organization.

DataNexus Map: Georgia

Neighborhood Nexus

Atlanta Open Data and Mapping Hub

Atlanta Regional Commission

Hate Map: Georgia

Southern Poverty Law Center

Justice Map

Sunlight Foundation / Energy Justice Network

Use the resources linked here as a starting point for organizing DEI efforts. You’ll find testimony from nonprofits that have undertaken the work as well as tools for getting your own work started, both internally and in the community you serve.

You can also visit Racial Equity Tools to browse through a complete set of change management resources grouped into five areas: Individual Transformation, Leadership for Racial Equity, Organization Change, and Community Change.

Taking Action

Below, find help for making your DEI-centered plans a reality using action plans, communications, and community engagement. Note that resources from the Government Alliance on Race & Equity are framed around work in government jurisdictions, but are widely applicable to organizations in any sector.

You can also consult the “Act” section on Racial Equity Tools for a wide-ranging list of examples, tools, and reports to help you strategize, communicate, and sustain your efforts.

Funding Opportunities

For general reference and updates, see Candid’s funding for racial equity page, which includes news, commentary, webinars, research, and top funders. (See also Candid’s “issue lab” page for race and policing and their dedicated site for Black male achievement funding.)

Webinars from GCN

Below, find three webinars put together by GCN to assist in the practical application of DEI work.

Building Equity from the Inside Out

Dr. Dietra Hawkins on the complex concept of “building equity,” which encompasses personal bias, small everyday leadership decisions, strategy choices, policy construction, and structural norms across entire systems.

Building Equity Leadership

Living Cities presents the case study of their incredible journey into DEI, chronicling the difference that young leaders have made and the transformational effect of an equity-centered strategy.

Tenant's Rights, Public Benefits, and Your Clients

The Georgia Legal Services Program details the tenant laws and relief opportunities for nonprofits that work with renters at risk of eviction.