Certificate of Fundraising Essentials


February 22, 2023

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9:00 am

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12:30 pm



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Nonprofit University

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Members: $480
Non-Members: $580
This series is eligible for CFRE credentials: Those who complete this series will receive 21 credits towards their CFRE requirements.


Your journey to becoming an expert fundraiser starts here! These six foundation-building courses are designed to provide a comprehensive orientation to nonprofit fundraising. You’ll develop the skills you need to succeed in raising the funds that will sustain and enhance the mission of your organization.

The six courses in this certificate are at the 100 (introductory) level and are designed for people new to nonprofit fundraising and development looking for the fundamentals of primary revenue sources and of managing successful fundraising and development operations. For intermediate/advanced coursework on these topics, please check out our additional Fundraising and Development certificates and courses in our Course Catalog.

Full participation in the Certificate of Fundraising Essentials is applicable for 21 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

Included Courses

FND 110 | Ethics in Fundraising

Go beyond the law to learn what nonprofits must do to demonstrate their dedication to ethical practices by being transparent with financial information and fundraising practices. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

February 22, 2023

FND 120 | Intro to Corporate and Foundation Relations

Learn how to creatively engage and support existing philanthropic relationships as well as expand corporate and foundation partnerships to advance your institutional missions. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

March 1, 2023

FND 130 | Intro to Individual Donor Development

Explore why individual donor development is essential to any nonprofit seeking sustainability and scale and why planned giving should be a part of your organization’s development plan. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

March 8, 2023

FND 140 | Intro to Government Funding

Learn the pros and cons of Government funding and its impact on the culture of your organization. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

March 15, 2023

FND 150 | Fundraising and Special Event Planning

Learn best practices for executing brand-elevating fundraising events. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

March 22, 2023

FND 160 | Intro to Development Planning and Budgeting

Dissect the structure of your development department and how it affects your organization’s approach to supporting its mission. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

March 29, 2023

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