Certificate of Emotional Intelligence


November 7, 2023

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1:00 pm

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4:30 pm



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Nonprofit University

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Members: $190
Non-Members: $240
You must be able to attend both live online sessions (November 7 and November 14) to receive the certificate. If you need to miss a day, please contact nu@gcn.org to move your registration to the next offering of the certificate. Please note that viewing the recording will not count towards your attendance for this series.


Though your particular needs or goals may differ, many metrics of leadership success are universal: your team’s ability to solve problems and resolve conflict; the enthusiasm and motivation of individual team members; and the results you achieve together.

So what makes a successful leader? Research shows that effective leaders share a common factor: a high level of “emotional intelligence.”

Emotional intelligence is your ability to accurately identify emotions in yourself and others; understand, manage, and use them appropriately; and communicate effectively about them, both in terms of emotional topics and the topic of emotions.

In this two-day certificate, led by Coach Tracey Knight, you will learn the fundamentals of emotional intelligence – including the 26 competencies of emotional intelligence and the role emotions play in goals, decision-making, and relationships – and techniques for increasing self-awareness and leadership effectiveness.

Tailored to today’s workplace (different in so many ways from even a year ago), this course will prepare you to cultivate best practices for a high-performing team, while rooting out and countering the effects of the unhealthy Cs – Competition, Comparison, Control, Credit, and Complaining.

This session is designed for professionals who want to develop their capacity to understand others, sharpen their skills in team management and leadership, and help others realize the full measure of their abilities.

Key Concepts

  • 26 competencies of social-emotional intelligence
  • Interdependence of the mental, emotional, and physical
  • Mindfulness
  • Howard Gardner’s Seven Intelligences
  • Avoidance of “emotional hijacking” by external stimuli, setting standards and boundaries, and knowing when and how to say “no”
  • Effective interpersonal communication, including strategies for building trust
  • Types of teams, team norms and roles, and team development
  • Developing team action plans
  • Resolving conflict and solving problems

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define emotional intelligence.
  • Explain the personal and professional benefits of high emotional intelligence.
  • Define different types of teams, and what motivates each type.
  • Describe your team-player style, and how it impacts group dynamics.
  • Use action-planning and analysis tools that promote team performance.


Any nonprofit professional managing down, across, or up in your organization. Those in HR or HR-like roles may find this course particularly valuable.


Day 1: November 7, 2023  1:00pm – 4:30pm

Day 2: November 14, 2023  1:00pm – 4:30pm

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tracey knight
Tracey Knight

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