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Certificate of Nonprofit Social Media

Social media is an essential piece of the marketing and communications puzzle – and it means more than keeping a few accounts open just to promote your special events.

In this four part certificate series, you’ll rapidly advance your understanding of social media practices for nonprofits, building a broad foundation and focused expertise in topics like advertising and analytics. Each course will feature tools and tips which you can apply immediately.

This series is for anyone new to social media, and those currently active but still seeking the strategy and approach to be effective.


  • Best practices for the most popular, nonprofit-relevant social media platforms
  • Social media planning that aligns with your organization’s strategic plan, operating plan, and departmental calendars (development, communications, marketing, etc.)
  • Advertising practices that maximize your reach and return
  • How to identify, hone, and deploy your voice and brand
  • How to understand analytics and use them to improve
  • The social media ROI: Making the strategic case to leadership, board, and other internal audiences


  • Department heads, team leaders, and other decision-makers in development/fundraising, marketing, or communications
  • Managers, coordinators, and specialists in development/fundraising, marketing, or communications
  • Any nonprofit professional responsible for online and digital communications
  • Aspiring nonprofit marketers, communicators, fundraisers, or development officers


SM 210 | Planning for Social Media Success
Successful social media strategy is grounded in your organization’s overall strategies and goals. This course demonstrates how to make the essential connections among the strategic plan, the development plan, the marketing plan, and the social media plan – including tactical considerations and ongoing maintenance.

SM 220 | Best Practices in Social Media Platforms
Online, what you say is just as important as where and how. People’s expectations shift depending on the social media platform: Each has its own particular culture around receiving and engaging with information. To optimize your social media plans, this course covers the respective best practices of the most prominent outlets, Facebook and Twitter, including tips for timing and frequency, making and managing connections, and content.

SM 230 | Social Media Advertising
There are natural limits on your contents’ ability to spread “organically” online. Advertising allows you to reach targeted audiences outside of your core supporters, based on specific criteria. This course explains how social media advertising works, how best to use it, and how to make the case for advertising to others in your organization.

SM 240 | Social Media Analytics
Understanding data and evaluating impact are as critical in social media as in programs and fundraising. In this course you will learn to understand what you see in analytics dashboards, talk about social media impact with key internal and external stakeholders, and use analytics for making adjustments and informing decisions.


April Voris is co-founder and Chief Zealotry Officer at GRM. She takes a highly customized approach, and believes that the best marketing work is a multi-faceted, creative blend of all related touchpoints for a particular brand. April’s professional career began as a client services manager for renowned advertising agency Cole Henderson Drake, where she became Director of Client Services. She has been recognized for her creativity and client service locally, regionally, and nationally.

GRM is an Atlanta-based boutique social agency focused on brand/rebranding, digital and social media, content campaigns, and consumer qualitative research. Founded in 2007 with roots in hospitality and creative advertising, GRM’s passion is helping good companies succeed. GRM works with for-profit and nonprofit clients, and its team members are proud to serve on three nonprofit boards. A leader in maximizing referrals through campaigns and engagement – an approach they call “Zealotry Marketing” – GRM focuses on increasing following and donors, maximizing and integrating fundraising programs, staging brands to appeal to higher levels donors, and sustainable, recurring marketing and communications.


  • Starting October 22, 2021


Class times vary: See individual class pages.


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Starting October 22, 2021

SM 210 - 10.22.21
SM 220 - 10.29.21
SM 230 - 11.12.21
SM 240 - 12.03.21