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Nonprofit IMPACT Award [case studies]

Since 2006, The Home Depot Foundation has touched nearly 100 of Atlanta’s highest performing nonprofits through Building Community Day. This special program strengthens participating organizations and Atlanta’s nonprofit sector by creating opportunities to build peer networks, providing information and resources on pertinent trends, and granting over $1 million in vital operational support.

Read the 2013 case study PDF.

Read the 2012 case study PDF.

Providing guidance and context for organizations who serve in the nonprofit sector is a key component of Building Community Day (BCD). In the program’s tradition of promoting innovation, building collaboration, and facilitating impact, The Home Depot Foundation and the Georgia Center for Nonprofits present the 2013 Nonprofit  IMPACT Award [case studies] to illustrate the work of high performing nonprofits.

While all organizations have areas of strength and weakness, it is important to understand how high performance is defined and what it looks like in action. High performance has many elements: human elements, process elements, strategy elements–and different organizations will draw on and emphasize different aspects of performance in developing successful transformative initiatives depending on what they are, where your organization is in its life cycle, and the demands of the environment.

This report highlights eight case studies from BCD alumni across four key areas, which recognize and share best practices to illustrate the benefits of high performance solutions to nonprofit organizations, and to the communities they serve. The key areas of high performance include:

Scaled Success
Expanding the depth of services offered to a targeted group or widening the breadth of services offered to a local area.   

Innovative Process
Creating processes or operational efficiencies to facilitate better results and increased impact, including transforming a business model, funding model, delivery model, or the structure of a program or organization.

Increased Support and Awareness
Driving awareness and attracting support through activism, volunteerism or through financial support to build the amount of impact resulting from your work. 

Collaborative Action
Working with partners on collaborative efforts that transform operations, programs or systems.

Read the 2013 case study PDF.

Read the 2012 case study PDF.


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