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Georgia Nonprofits: Spreading the News

Mother Theresa once said, “Facing the press is more difficult than bathing a leper.” Indeed, the power of the media can be intimidating, and many organizations shy away from the press because they are unsure how to attract the coverage they want, or how to deal with the attention that they don’t want.

But news coverage is an invaluable tool for nonprofits
—it can help raise awareness of an issue, build trust in an organization, and attract volunteers and donors. Further, research shows that journalists do find much of the work of the nonprofit sector to be newsworthy.

In other words, the news media present nonprofits with a critical opportunity. This study re-affirms that opportunity and provides Georgia nonprofits with specific information about how to increase news coverage of their efforts. Atlanta-area editors for print, radio and television were surveyed to determine what issues and angles specific to nonprofits they believe have the most news value. They were also asked how nonprofit organizations could improve their media outreach. Over 60 news editors participated in the study. Their responses provide a useful roadmap for bridging the gap between Georgia nonprofits seeking to inform and engage the public and local news organizations that want and need compelling stories to tell every day.

Read the full report.


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