Certificate of Nonprofit Volunteer Management


October 26, 2023

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9:00 am

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12:30 pm



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Nonprofit University

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Volunteers are vital to the mission of most nonprofit organizations. Skilled and competent volunteer leadership ensures that volunteers are selected, oriented, trained, and supervised to maximize satisfaction for clients, the organization, and the volunteers themselves.

Through this four-part series, – revised to meet the present moment – volunteer managers will explore the volunteer-engagement cycle and the steps necessary to build and maintain a robust volunteer team. Across each session, you will learn the essentials of effective volunteer management, take part in practical exercises, and develop plans that can be implemented within your organization in short order.

Key Concepts

  • Roles, responsibilities, and required competencies for volunteer managers and administrators
  • Sound volunteer structure, and how to establish it through policies and processes
  • How to design and implement successful projects that are mission-driven and appeal to volunteers
  • Best practices for recruiting and retaining volunteers
  • Recruiting and training processes for developing an engaged, effective volunteer corps

Included Courses

VOL 110 | Essentials of Volunteer Management

This course will provide an overview of the motivations that drive individuals to volunteer, an explanation of the volunteer engagement cycle, and coaching in methods for building and creating a positive culture for volunteers. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

October 26, 2023

VOL 120 | Volunteer Roles and Recruitment

In this workshop, learners will identify the high-priority needs of their organization, create an appropriate screening process for volunteers, discuss types of recruitment, and build a recruitment plan. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

November 2, 2023

VOL 130 | Best Practices in Volunteer Supervision and Training

Learn about volunteer orientation, training, and supervision for distinct volunteer roles. You will also discuss best practices for volunteer-related HR. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

November 9, 2023

VOL 140 | Making Volunteers Your Best Advocates and Leaders

How to retain and recognize volunteers, advance strong candidates into leadership roles, and evaluate your volunteer program. Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

November 16, 2023


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Amanda Bisgaard

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