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Whether leveling up your newest employee or advancing the expertise of senior leaders, Nonprofit University (NU) makes getting professional development simple, accessible, and affordable for all nonprofit pros.

We help staff become staff leaders.

Strengthen your team with NU’s targeted training, a year-round schedule of certificate series and specialized courses covering the full range of nonprofit competency areas – from managing programs, facilities, and volunteers, to finance, marketing, human resources, and more.

Explore our course catalog and month-by-month calendar to see everything we offer.

Get unlimited professional development.

The success of any mission depends on the people behind it. Position yours for maximum impact with our Nonprofit University Subscription. For $2,500, GCN members can gain access to two seats in every one of our live Nonprofit University core curriculum classes. Important: Your GCN membership must be active to subscribe.

“One of the best organizational decisions we’ve made is to acquire the Nonprofit University + ThinkHR subscription. As a result, we’ve established a corporate culture where professional development is a priority and our outcomes are continuously improving.“   

— Jerry K. Sutton, Director, Learning & Organizational Development, Bobby Dodd Institute

We can bring NU to you.

Nonprofit University can design custom training specifically for your organization's professional needs. This shared learning experience both strengthens teams and encourages them to collaborate on the job around what they’ve learned. Find out more here


Contact us at [email protected] or 678-916-3081.

Explore our course catalog and see all the trainings we offer.


View our month-by-month calendar to see everything coming up.

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