Nonprofit Trends Resource Hub

Over the past few years, nonprofits have faced huge challenges and have undergone an incredible amount of change.

And the pace of that change – driven by technology, economics, culture, and political unrest – isn’t about to slow down. As the converge, these dynamic forces are fundamentally changing both societal demands and the way nonprofits must operate to create impact.  

Demand for nonprofit services shows no signs of slowing, and neither does competition for the funding dollars and staff needed to deliver on our missions. But with an eye to the future, nonprofit leaders can build on their impact with new innovations and opportunities. 

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Innovating confidently often comes down to just one thing: seeing challenges in new ways. Our collection of thought leadership is here to help you do just that. With passion for, and insight into, the new ideas and technologies transforming nonprofits, this resource hub will demonstrate what organizations can do to continue connecting with the people, resources, and issues that will matter tomorrow as well as today. 

Section 1: Public Trust

For the first time in its 25-plus year history, the Edelman Public Trust Barometer found that nonprofits were no longer the most trusted institution – business is. What does this mean for the nonprofit sector, and how should its leaders mobilize to secure the confidence of the public in the sector’s purpose and impact?

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Section 2: Workforce

Section 3: Funding

Section 4: Technology


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