GAgives on GivingTuesday Breaks State Giving Record for 8th Straight Year

With more than $24.88 million raised, giving was up an incredible 84% over last year’s record-setting total.

ATLANTA – January 8, 2021. The final results are in for this year’s GAgives on GivingTuesday campaign: Altogether, giving for GAgives totaled $24,883,590, thanks to 260,546 individual donations, and benefiting thousands of Georgia’s change-making nonprofits. Once again, the GAgives campaign has set new records for state generosity: Not only did giving surpass last year’s record-breaking dollar total by 84%, it topped 2019’s record number of individual donations by over 94%.

“We are overwhelmed with pride for our state, our state’s nonprofits, and our GAgives partners,” said Karen Beavor, President and CEO of the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN), which leads GAgives on GivingTuesday each year alongside a range of media, corporate, and philanthropic partners. “In a year of incredible uncertainty, more Georgians than ever stepped up to help their neighbors and communities, to protect the environment and animals, to fund the arts, and so many other causes critical to our quality of life and communities.”

Since launching in 2012, GAgives has set a new state giving record each year netting millions for GA charities in a single 24 hour fundraising campaign. Beavor noted that there was concern 2020 would be the exception, due to the difficult financial situation that so many people are currently facing. “We were blown away by the surge in individuals who gave to causes across the state. It’s an amazing testament to the generosity of Georgians, to the hard work that nonprofits put into inspiring them, and the power of matching funds and incentives sponsored this year by The Coca-Cola FoundationAprioArby’s FoundationBrooks, McGinnis & CompanyGas South, and Marshall Jones.”

A few of the success stories from GAgives on GivingTuesday:

Six different sponsors provided matching funds and incentive prizes through with over $270,000 in funding through 31 opportunities designed to drive extra giving by tapping into donors’ generosity and competitive spirit.

The Coca-Cola Foundation once again presented the Coca-Cola Women’s Empowerment Matching Fund Challenge to support nonprofits working to foster women’s entrepreneurship, deliver education and skills-based training for women, and support workforce entry for women.

“In this most challenging year, we just weren’t sure what to expect from GAgives, but – once again – donors current and new stepped up in support of our work,” said LifeLine Animal Project CEO Rebecca Guinn, who reported a record-setting fundraising total of over $90,000, and winning sponsor-funded prizes through from Aprio, Marshall Jones, and Brooks, McGinnis & Company. “Our thanks to Marshall Jones and all GAgives sponsors for supporting another successful day of fundraising!”

Gas South, a long time GAgives supporter, hosted five Power Hour contests for nonprofits working to advance human rights for children, awarding $1,000 to the organization with the greatest number of donors over each Power Hour. “Gas South strives to Be a Fuel for Good by giving 5% of profits to children in need,” said Community Affairs Program Manager Carley Stephens. “GAgives is a wonderful way to impact numerous organizations, and the incredible work they are doing for and with our children across our community.”

And the giving tradition continues! Mark your calendars for next year’s GAgives on GivingTuesday: November 30, 2021.

(For more details on partners and outcomes, please see the December 2 press release, containing initial results and a more complete list of sponsors and partners. You can also find the complete results from this year’s GAgives contests here.)

Since its launch in 2012, GAgives has served as the state’s biggest giving movement for 9 years in a row, galvanizing $70 million in donations and over 556,000 individual gifts. Designed, deployed, and managed by GCN for the direct benefit of our state’s nonprofits, the GAgives campaign is amplified by corporate and foundation sponsors, our media partners, and participating organizations, whose efforts and ingenuity always make an outsized impact.

About GAgives

Led by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, GAgives on GivingTuesday is the state’s biggest giving movement, designed to bring attention to the work and worth of the nonprofit sector. Each year, the GAgives campaign adds new resources to help nonprofits understand emerging challenges and turn them into opportunities. Since its founding in 2012, the GAgives movement has rallied $70 million in donations and over 556,000 individual gifts for nonprofits across Georgia that work tirelessly for positive and lasting change.

About GivingTuesday

Launched by the 92nd Street Y in 2012 and housed in its Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact, GivingTuesday is a global movement inspiring people to take collaborative action for their local communities and contribute to the causes they believe in. The movement reaches millions of people, with campaigns and activities in all 50 states and 150 countries, throughout the year, culminating on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

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The Georgia Center for Nonprofits builds thriving communities by helping nonprofits succeed. Through a powerful mix of advocacy, solutions for nonprofit effectiveness, and insight building tools, GCN provides nonprofits, board members, and donors with the tools they need to strengthen organizations that make a difference on important causes throughout Georgia. Learn more at

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