Individual Leadership Accelerator

Elevate your leadership potential with our interactive workshop series, designed exclusively for nonprofit leaders.

Note: Leadership Accelerators are not covered by the NU Subscription plan.

What’s included

Maximizing Leadership Impact

In this session, you’ll explore the key dimensions of effective leadership and the behaviors that make a difference; learn how to manage your time strategically and get practical tips for handling tasks efficiently; and gain actionable insights for balancing priorities and amplifying your impact.  

What you’ll learn:

  • The key dimensions of effective leadership within the nonprofit sector and the specific traits and behaviors associated with impactful leadership.  
  • Personal time management practices and actionable strategies to optimize time allocation across diverse responsibilities. 
  • Ready-to-apply insights into the broader role of nonprofit leaders, especially regarding your ability to enhance strategic decision-making and organizational impact.


Leaders as Mentors 

Realize the full value of mentoring and gain insights into its pivotal role, and mutual benefits, for mentors and mentees in this session. You’ll acquire practical tools and insights for forging meaningful mentorship connections, overcoming obstacles, and driving positive change within your organization.  

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of mentorship in nonprofit leadership and the benefits of mentorship for both mentors and mentees. 
  • Practical skills and strategies for building effective mentorship relationships within the nonprofit sector. 
  • How to identify and address common challenges and barriers associated with mentorship in nonprofit leadership.


Qualities of Inspirational Leaders 

Learn about inspirational leadership, including the qualities that distinguish exceptional leaders and motivate teams to greatness. Participants will develop the skills and strategies needed to cultivate authentic and impactful leadership that drives organizational success. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Specific strategies that can be implemented to build trust, foster commitment, and create an atmosphere of approachability within your organization. 
  • How to develop the intuitive decision-making skills and situational awareness fundamental to serving as an inspirational leader.  
  • The ability to act empathetically in supporting employees’ needs while upholding accountability and driving performance.


Leading with Emotional Intelligence 

Explore the pivotal role of emotional intelligence (EI) in driving organizational success and learn practical strategies for applying EI concepts in leadership roles. In this session, you will gain valuable insights into recognizing, developing, and leveraging EI to lead with impact. 

What you’ll learn:

  • The key EI components and their significance in leadership. 
  • How to evaluate personal EI levels by identifying observable indicators of high EI in leaders and conducting a self-assessment. 
  • Practical strategies and techniques for enhancing EI in leadership practices.


Essential Practices of Nonprofit Leadership 

Dive into the essential practices of effective leadership and unlock your potential to drive organizational success. In this session, you will learn to identify organizational needs, prioritize goals, develop actionable plans, and foster a culture of accountability and collaboration.   

What you’ll learn:

  • The practices of effective nonprofit leaders and their importance in driving organizational success and impact. 
  • Skills for identifying organizational needs and aligning actions with overarching goals. 
  • How to develop skills in planning and decision-making within nonprofit leadership contexts and create an effective action plan.


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