Auditory Verbal Center

Board of Directors

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Organization Location/Area

Atlanta/Metro area

Cause Type


Primary Mission Target



To Bring People Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing into a Lifetime of Listening and Speaking

Service Scope


Primary Programs / Work Done By Organization

Auditory Verbal therapy and family education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and their families. Teaching deaf and hard of hearing children to hear and speak WITHOUT the use of sign language or lip reading.

Budget Size

$1M – $3M


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You Tube /Auditoryverbalcenter


Role Type

Board of Directors

Number of Positions Available


Board, Advisory Board/Council, Committee size


Board Experience Level Needed

Any experience level welcome

Desired Skills

Accounting, Finance
Community or Social Service
Healthcare, Health Services
Marketing, PR, Communications
- Fundraising, event planning, HR background / services

Additional Requirements & Expectations

Fundraising-Related Activity
Other Requirements & Expectations:
- attend 2 events a year and introduce Executive Director or outreach/development coordinator to 4 people a year to engage with to build donor base and corporate support.

Expected Annual Board Member Contribution Range

$1000 – $5000

Estimated Monthly Time Commitment, Including Routine Meetings

1 to 2 hours

Meeting Cadence


Primary Meeting Format


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