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Is anyone reading your annual report? Are you using it to support donor engagement?

Every year your nonprofit should record your achievements in an annual report, made available to board, funders, and stakeholders. But is anybody reading it?

This hands-on, interactive course will show you how to write stellar annual reports that tell the story of your yearly successes. Writing the annual report does not have to be a tedious, boring process: Learn how to share the creation process and produce robust, effective annual reports that reflect the entirety of your organization’s voices and accomplishments.

Participants will learn tricks and techniques for crafting compelling narratives that celebrate the past year with clarity and creativity. Learners will also discuss options for design, printing, and distribution to ensure your report finds and impresses the right audiences.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:
  • Conduct research and collect data to convey your impact, and turn those results into a meaningful narrative.
  • Create a year-round plan to support preparation of your annual report.
  • Write an annual report with clarity and creativity.
  • Plan to address organizational changes related to COVID in your annual report.


Anybody who performs communications work for your nonprofit could benefit from this course. This might include the Executive Director, development staff, or chairs of a board communications committee. Medium and large organizations may have dedicated communications directors, writers, and editors who craft the annual report. If part of your job is to share the story of your organization to outside stakeholders, then you will benefit from this course.

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