Sector Advocacy

As the state association for the sector, the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) champions nonprofits in the halls of government by establishing and leveraging relationships with policymakers, empowering individuals and organizations to engage with officials, and lifting up the voices of sector professionals.

GCN believes that nonprofits are a cornerstone of civic inclusion. Dedicated entirely to putting shared values into action, they represent a major conduit for the will of the people and a community asset worth preserving, protecting, and advancing.

Our members provide vital support to this effort by contributing data, ground-level expertise, and community reach. If your nonprofit hasn’t already, you can help our push to strengthen the Georgia sector by becoming a member.

Looking for partners in your own advocacy efforts? Check this list of local cause-specific coalitions.

Need advocacy help?

GCN’s advocacy resource collection includes instructions for contacting policymakers, a list of local and national advocacy groups to partner with, legal do’s and don’ts, insight from sector peers, and more.

Policy Platform

GCN’s top priority as an advocate is to identify and promote policies that support and advance the nonprofit sector, including:

  • Maintaining and strengthening state tax policies that support a positive charitable giving climate and enhance the nonprofit sector’s ability to maximize service to the community, including tax exemptions for nonprofit organizations and tax incentives for charitable contributions.
  • Protecting the decision-making and self-governance authority of nonprofit organizations.
  • Opposing the implementation of nonprofit fees and assessments by local governments, and systematically reviewing any proposed fees or fee increases.
  • Affirming nonprofits as an important employer segment, and promoting employment policies that consider their unique interests.
  • Promoting policies that encourage people to actively engage in civic pursuits.
  • Opposing any rules that would dampen the nonpartisan activities and civic engagement efforts of nonprofit organizations.

To accomplish this, GCN is working continuously to:

  • Communicate proactively with policymakers on behalf of Georgia’s nonprofit industry, both on our own and through national affiliates.
  • Tell the story of our sector’s contributions to the common good in terms of direct service, innovation, and representation.
  • Educate members and the public about tax reform issues impacting the causes they care about.
  • Lead the mobilization of our state’s sector.

ACTION ALERT | Improving the Heroes Act

October 24, 2020. The updated Heroes Act was passed last night by the U.S. House of Representatives and is now headed to the Senate for approval. Though a bipartisan deal is still being negotiated, it deserves the sector’s vigorous support. Read more

ACTION ALERT | COVID-19 relief legislation

March 25, 2020. Congress is about to vote on emergency COVID-19 relief legislation containing significant aid for nonprofit organizations, including emergency loans and payroll advances, employee retention tax credits, and a temporary universal charitable deduction. Read more

ACTION ALERT | COVID-19 relief legislation

March 23, 2020. Negotiations are stalled on the Senate version of a third COVID-19 relief package. The nonprofit sector is asking for $60B in critical support for the third-largest employer in the nation, encompassing 10 percent of all private workforce in Georgia. Read more

ACTION ALERT | COVID-19 relief legislation

March 2, 2020. SB 373, clean-up legislation for nonprofits under the Business Judgment Rule, is on the Senate calendar today. Please reach out to your senators now and ask for support. Read more

ACTION ALERT | Board Member Protections

February 19, 2020. Right now, nonprofit board members have a different threshold of personal liability than their for-profit counterparts. We are asking you to support SB 373, establishing the same “gross negligence” standard across sectors. Read more