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Diversity, equity, and inclusiveness resources for nonprofits

Our aim, with this resource hub, is to help you build capacity for equity work internally and externally.

Correcting systemic racism and unconscious bias can’t happen without practical solutions, sustained practice, and every one of us – in each organization and across the sector – working together. It’s our hope that the information we’ve curated here can contribute meaningfully to your own efforts and, ultimately, to sector-wide progress.

We will be updating this page as we create and discover new resources, highlighting new entries in orange; last updated June 17, 2021.



Terms and concepts



Use the information at these links for putting together talking points, grant proposals, and other materials that demonstrate the need for racial equity work.

Planning for changes

Moving Beyond Diversity Toward Racial Equity / Ben Hecht / Living Cities / Harvard Business Review A pracitcal overview of three practices required for achieving equity in an organization: understanding power, embracing conflict, and committing to long-term transformation.

Moving Racial Equity and Inclusion from the Periphery to the Center: Lessons from an Incomplete Project / Living Cities / Nonprofit Quarterly Advice from the staff perspective on planning an organizational shift toward equity. 

Action templates and tools

Spatial Equity Data Tool / Urban Institute Mapping tool with data for measuring resource disparities in your city

Operationalizing Racial Equity & Inclusion at Living Cities: Tools for Getting Started and Keeping At It / Living Cities Resources that Living Cities recommends to those beginning their journey to center racial equity in policies, practices, and programs.

Embracing racial equity: 7 steps to advance and embed race equity and inclusion within your organization / Annie E. Casey Foundation

Funding opportunities

For general reference and updates, see Candid's funding for racial equity page, which includes news, commentary, webinars, research, and top funders. (See also Candid’s “issue lab” page for race and policing and their dedicated site for black male achievement funding.)

Curricula from GCN

Building Equity Leadership - The Living Cities Journey: Ben Hecht and Nadia Owusu of Living Cities present a case study of their organization, one that had historically focused on issues of equity to great success, as they then focused the equity lens internally. This case study is an incredible journey, chronicling the influence young leaders can have on organizational direction, and how making equity the center-point of your strategy can have a transformational effect

Building Equity from the Inside Out - Case Studies with Local Nonprofits: The concept of “building equity” is complex. It encompasses personal bias, small everyday leadership decisions, strategy choices, policy construction, and structural norms across entire systems. This session explored living case studies from some of BCN’s leaders who placed equity at the center of their leadership mandate, facilitated by Dr. Dietra Hawkins. 


Video series: Voices Across the Color Line Oral History / Atlanta History Center Including 34 interviews with Georgia activists, civil servants, and others regarding race relations, racial discrimination, and the fight for civil rights across the state and within its institutions.



If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, be sure to check Racial Equity Tools, which has amassed an incredible volume of articles on the equity issues facing organizations, and which we’ve drawn upon heavily for this list.