An Open Letter from Karen Beavor

GCN President and CEO Karen Beavor released this open letter to discuss and thank the sponsors, partners and collaboration that led to the success of...

GCN recognizes the critical role of nonprofits in creating thriving communities and that is why we feel so strongly about bringing greater public awareness to the work and worth of nonprofits, and about asking new donors to support that work in their own lives and communities. Georgia Gives Day is our beacon calling for people to join us in our work and contribute needed resources to accomplish that work. 

Five Ways to Build Excitement with our GA Gives Day Prize Funds

Over the last month, we’ve told you about our competitions and prizes, all new for 2013! But how can your organization use these to build...

New this year to Georgia Gives Day, we've added tens of thousands of dollars in games, competitions and prizes aimed to build excitement and incentivize donors to give in bigger numbers and amounts. (Read about all prizes and rules here.)

Got Eyeballs? GA Gives Day secures media partnerships to promote causes like yours

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
| by Editor |

From digital billboards and award-winning PSAs to news stories, our new blog and thousands of flyers, we’re canvassing the state to raise awareness of Georgia...

Inside, learn more about our high-profile media partners and six simple steps you can take to add your own messaging to the momentum of our public awareness campaign.