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In the nonprofit sector, change is inevitable. New initiatives, opportunities, and challenges arise frequently, which means it’s vital for leaders to know how to understand change, grow organizational capacity, and meet evolving needs both internally and externally. In short: The skills to manage change and growth are critical for improving both individual organizations and the nonprofit sector as a whole. 

To help nonprofits leaders and teams in this work, Gas South and GCN hosted a series of webinars on the elements critical to mounting a new transformation project or to scale existing initiatives. Some of the webinars and materials involved have been provided below as resources – including discussions, exercises, and tools – to help you expand strategic clarity and market understanding, increase confidence in proposed revenue models, and provide effective impact measurement approaches.

If your organization is looking for custom solutions in the area of change and growth – from managing complex change initiatives to acquiring the tools and resources to implement them – GCN’s Nonprofit Consulting Group has everything you need to achieve your goals and advance the projects that define your organization’s future.

Leading Scale Initiatives

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Assessing and Refining Business Models

Market Strategies

Revenue Models

Impact and Results

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Looking for custom assistance with your organization’s change and growth? To learn more about how The Nonprofit Consulting Group can assist, contact us at  or 678-916-3082.

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