For more than 35 years, the certified public accountants and advisors at Marshall Jones have served Georgia nonprofits and individuals with a mission of providing exceptional service with complete integrity and the highest levels of technical competencies.   

Our CPA accounting services consist of year-end financial statement audits, reviews, compilations, tax compliance and research, outsourced accounting services, and a variety of consulting services.

Services offered

Nonprofit organizations benefit from reliable and objective professional advice for sound decision-making. We pride ourselves on our nonprofit accounting knowledge and expertise in audits, tax Form 990, board governance, and strategic planning. Our nonprofit client family is an extension of Marshall Jones’ interest in, and commitment to, our community.

Audit and Assurance 

Nonprofit organizations face incredible financial scrutiny. Depending on the makeup of your organization, financial reports may be reviewed by board members, donors, the IRS and countless others. Nonprofit auditing services ensure reports are accurate, manage risk and offer valuable strategic insight based on financial data.

Tax Planning and Preparation 

For nonprofits, every dollar matters. We’ll help you get a full understanding of where your organization stands, what’s coming next and how you’re going to get there. Tax planning includes much more than filing an IRS Form 990. Let us take care of your taxes. Professional tax planning services by Marshall Jones involve developing annual strategies for maximizing deductions, reducing risk and getting more from your assets.

Professional Bookkeeping and Consulting 

We also offer bookkeeping and consulting services to our clients. Our strategies can effectively help you prepare for any stage of your nonprofit’s lifecycle.

Special benefits for the GCN community

GCN Nonprofit Members can get an exclusive discount on outsourced accounting services and consulting engagements. Contact Marshall Jones today for more details.

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