True Colors Theatre Company

Board of Directors

Organization Information

Organization Location/Area

Atlanta/Metro area

Cause Type

Arts, Culture & Humanities

Primary Mission Target



Celebrating the rich tradition of Black storytelling while giving voice to bold artists of all cultures

Service Scope


Primary Programs / Work Done By Organization

Theatrical Productions, True Talks community events, Next Narrative Monologue Competition

Budget Size

$1M – $3M


Organization Facebook

Kenny Leon's True Colors Theatre Company

Organization LinkedIn

Organization Twitter



Role Type

Board of Directors

Number of Positions Available


Board, Advisory Board/Council, Committee size


Board Experience Level Needed

Some prior experience (board/advisory/committee) required

Desired Skills

Accounting, Finance
Marketing, PR, Communications
Technology, Data, Analytics
- Human Resources, Organizational Strategy, Management Consulting

Additional Requirements & Expectations

Committee Service
Fundraising-Related Activity
Other Requirements & Expectations:
- Attend all Board meetings and some events/productions, purchase two tickets for each production, minimum cash give $2500/get $2500

Expected Annual Board Member Contribution Range

$5000 – $10,000

Estimated Monthly Time Commitment, Including Routine Meetings

1 – 5 hours/month

Meeting Cadence


Primary Meeting Format


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