e-charisma: Communicating with Confidence Through the Webcam


May 18, 2021

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1:00 pm

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In business, some people just seem to have “it” – an aura that says “I’m a leader.” It’s called charisma, and it can seem effortless – especially to those who don’t naturally exude such confident energy. In this course, you will discover that charisma is not some immutable, inborn talent – something you either have or you don’t – but rather a set of principles and practices that can be taught, learned, and honed. 

Of course, the pandemic has complicated the charisma equation: Doing business through a screen can rob even the most energetic communicators of their charisma. Assets like a booming voice, tall stature, and expressive body language can fail to translate fully over video, meaning that people who used to find themselves leading others effortlessly in person may have a hard time doing so virtually.

Join Matt Terrell of Dad’s Garage for a fun, active, and engaging leadership class where you will be challenged to be your best, most open self – whether virtually or in person.

Key Concepts

  • Conveying strength and looking your best on-screen: how everything factors in, from the way you frame yourself and your surroundings to the way you interact with the camera.
  • The “Yes, and…” mindset: responding with positivity and operating from a place of possibility, rather than defaulting to the negative or shutting others down.
  • Making your teammates look great: sharing the spotlight, building off the ideas of others, giving credit to teammates, and focusing on ways to help others.
  • Speaking skills: elocution, posture, and movement techniques to help you project confidence.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Frame yourself and your surroundings for positive effect.
  • Employ “Yes, and…” to explore possibilities with teammates.
  • Assess your strengths as a speaker and identify key areas of opportunity.


Suitable for anyone who interacts with others as part of their job (that’s you!), this course may have particular value for:

  • Senior leaders, including executive directors and board chairs.
  • Young, rising leaders looking to strengthen their skills.
  • Managers and supervisors.
  • Public-facing roles in areas like case management, direct-service programming, front desk and customer service, community and civic engagement, fundraising and development, and marketing and communications.


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