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Navigating Health Care Reform

New comprehensive federal health care reform legislation means big changes for Georgia’s nonprofit organizations, employees, and the people you serve. The Georgia Center for Nonprofits is here to help you navigate these changes. As a first step, this document highlights the major changes in group health plan coverage and employer reporting requirements, and suggests resources to help you learn more.

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Being Accountable: Ethical Practices of Georgia Nonprofits

Nonprofits are vital to the communities that they serve. Maintaining ethical business practices ensures that nonprofits not only safeguard their public reputations, thereby preserving and cultivating the support needed to meet their social service goals, but also in order to continue assisting the communities that are often dependent upon them.

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Social Enterprise in Georgia

The Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) issued a survey instrument to assess the state of social enterprise in Georgia. The survey effort, funded by The Home Depot Foundation, identified trends among those organizations engaged in social business ventures, to attempt to understand the prevalence of and interest in this type of endeavor within the nonprofit sector and to identify challenges and opportunities in order to advance the field, inform investors, and further GCN's work as capacity builders to the sector.

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The Future of Georgia's Nonprofit Leadership

Effective leadership is a critical element of successful organizations. Not surprisingly then, the period of executive leadership transition—the departure of a current, and the hiring of a new executive director or chief staff officer—is fraught with risk. Further, research has shown that an “era” of transition is looming as baby-boomers, who head so many of our successful nonprofits, are reaching retirement age.

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Georgia Nonprofits: Spreading the News

The power of the media can be intimidating, but news coverage is an invaluable tool for nonprofits—it can help raise awareness of an issue, build trust in an organization, and attract volunteers and donors.

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