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Georgia Nonprofits Sector Report, sixth edition

Explore the size and scope of Georgia's nonprofit community. In this 2003 report, facts and figures show the diverse and vibrant role charitable organizations play throughout the state. Much attention is given to the condition of business and government in our state, but let's not forget that nonprofits fill a critical position as a third and independent sector.

The primary sources for the data contained in this report are annual reports, for calendar year 2002, filed with the IRS by charitable nonprofits with over $25,000 in gross annual receipts and employment records collected by the state's employment security office.

Through this report we aim to build awareness about the vital role nonprofits play and to educate policymakers, the media, and the public about charitable giving in Georgia.

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Key Findings

  • There were 6,066 reporting charitable nonprofits in Georgia.
  • The 1,263 foundations in Georgia held almost $8.3 billion in assets and gave $675.8 million in grants.
  • The average charitable deduction for itemizing taxpayers in Georgia was $3,505—about 4.4% of their incomes.

Yet these numbers don't tell the whole story. In addition to the reporting 501(c)(3)s, there are over 14,000 organizations not required to file returns, including booster clubs, local PTAs, youth soccer teams and numerous other small organizations that are active in our communities, but whose limited finances exempt them from the IRS reporting requirement.

Charitable nonprofits benefit us in ways that can’t easily be quantified: as tools for community building, fostering civil society, and strengthening our social fabric and are essential to improving the quality of life in our state. Georgia residents have and will continue to place their trust in the responsiveness, performance and quality of services provided by these organizations. The Georgia Center for Nonprofits is pleased to present this report, in collaboration with the National Council of Nonprofit Associations and the Urban Institute’s National Center for Charitable Statistics, to promote better understanding and appreciation of our state’s nonprofit community.

Read the full report.

This report was produced jointly by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits and the National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute, and in cooperation with the National Council of Nonprofit Associations.

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