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Georgia Nonprofit Employment Report, first edition

This 2004 report details sector wage rates and explains the state-wide economic force of Georgia's nonprofits.  

This research covers private, nonprofit hospitals, day care centers, soup kitchens, foster care and adoption agencies and environmental groups—organizations and efforts that channel our impulses of charity, justice and compassion to serve the common good and to help those in greatest need. It also includes art galleries, museums, theaters, symphonies, universities and schools—those institutions and activities that nurture our passions for learning and human expression.

Key Findings

1. The nonprofit sector is a major economic force in Georgia, accounting for nearly one out of every 20 paid workers—more than six times as many people as the state’s paper and allied products industry.

2. The 178,657 nonprofit employees in Georgia earned over $5.6 billion in wages in 2002, or 4.2 percent of the state’s total.

3. While nonprofit employment in Georgia is primarily concentrated in the Atlanta metropolitan area, it is not restricted to any one region. To the contrary, nonprofit employment accounts for an even larger share of total employment outside of Atlanta—e.g., in the Augusta region and in the southeastern and southwestern regions of the state.

4. The bulk of nonprofit employment in the state (54 percent) is in the health services field, and another 21 percent is in educational services.

5. Although nonprofit average weekly wages overall are below those of for-profit workers, in industries in which nonprofits and for-profits are both significantly involved, nonprofit average weekly wages generally outpace for-profit wages.

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This report is a joint product of The Johns Hopkins Employment Data Project and the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, January 2004.

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