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Program Management

People, projects, programs: they all need efficient, effective managers. Managers need to know the role of a supervisor, how to guide people individually and in teams, the right way to delegate authority and solicit feedback, and more. Find resources to build your management fundamentals, dive into particulars like engagement strategy, and get started on your Certificate of Supervision & Management Certificate—one of Nonprofit University's most popular programs.


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6.11.19 | Atlanta

Certificate of Outcome Management Systems

Discover how to establish results or outcome measures, collect the data that proves the value of your programs, and build a dashboard that can easily communicate your organization’s impact. Learn more.

6.27.19 | Atlanta

Emotional Intelligence

Learn about the 26 competencies of EI; how emotions influence thoughts, behavior, goals, decision-making, and relationships; and techniques for increasing self-awareness and leadership effectiveness. Learn more.