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Certificate Programs

Nonprofit University's Certificate Programs offer a practical, accessible learning solution for individuals seeking to build skills and growth opportunities within the nonprofit sector, bringing together a diverse group of current and aspiring nonprofit professionals and supporters, and leading to the award of a Certificate upon completion.

Program series are designed for professionals seeking career advancement in nonprofit organizations, board members and volunteers seeking additional skills, and individuals  in private industry or government jobs exploring a nonprofit career. These series integrate academic excellence with practical wisdom of the instructors and the realistic work experience of the participants.

The Certificate is earned after attending and participating in all courses within the series. While there are no admission requirements, grades or exams, full attendance at every class is required.

Certificates are currently offered in the following areas of study:


Certificate of Nonprofit Accounting
Essential training for accounting management—from budgets to reporting and audits.

Certificate of Financial Vitality
Learn to create a thriving organization in a challenging funding environment, ensuring your organization can go beyond managing a budget for survival, and truly invest in expanding your mission impact, with our four-part series.


Certificate of Fundraising—Introduction to Fundraising
Your journey to becoming an expert fundraiser starts with this foundation-building series, designed to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in raising the funds that will sustain and enhance the mission of your organization.

Certificate of Fundraising—Capital Campaigns
This series will walk you through all phases of winning capital campaigns, from planning, building teams, and assessing readiness, to developing case statements, donor prospecting and communications, making asks, cultivating foundation and corporate support, and recognizing all contributors.

Certificate of Fundraising—Event Management
Whether you're planning a signature event or a series of small events, find out how to budget, plan, execute, and follow up in order to maximize your fundraising.

Certificate of Fundraising— Individual Donors
Convincing constituents to support your cause with their dollars is a little bit of art and a little bit of science. Learn what motivates your donors to give, how to segment your donor audiences for the best results, and how to mobilize your community to support your cause.

Certificate of Fundraising—Grant Management
Go beyond the basics and learn not just how to write compelling proposals, but how to create a powerful grant management system.


Certificate of Nonprofit Board Management
Learn the core principles and best practices that drive nonprofit board effectiveness.


Certificate of Nonprofit Human Resources Management
Build a comprehensive foundation in critical HR policies and practices.


Certificate of Nonprofit Organization Management
This 360-degree orientation to NPO management will help you learn the sector inside and out.

Certificate of Program Management
Gain an interdisciplinary perspective on best practices for effective program management.

Certificate of Change Management
Lead to effectively drive positive change, with this overview of change management theory and strategies for driving a change process, managing resistance to change, and helping others more effectively support your agenda for change.

Certificate of Impact Measures
Measure, collect and communicate your organization’s impact. Learn to create a thriving organization in a challenging funding environment, ensuring your organization can go beyond managing a budget for survival, and truly invest in expanding your mission impact.

Certificate of Outcome Measures
A two-day series on writing effective outcome measures that will wow your funders, help your board define success, and focus your programs on results.



Certificate of Nonprofit Leadership
Develop the fundamental skills of effective leaders to think and act strategically.  

Certificate of Supervision & Management
Prepare for a supervisory role with the knowledge and skills to be an effective project manager and team leader. 

Certificate of Nonprofit Facility Management
Learn how to plan, renovate, and maintain your facilities with minimum impact on your operations.


Certificate of Nonprofit Marketing Essentials
Learn the tools for building a strong marketing and communications program from the ground up.

Certificate of Nonprofit Social Media
Rapidly advance your understanding of social media practices for nonprofits, building a broad foundation and focused expertise in topics like advertising and analytics.


Certificate of Nonprofit Volunteer Management
Discover the keys to effective nonprofit volunteer management and administration.