Funding and Resource Opportunities | June 2022

Just some of the work covered by the dozens of opportunities this month: arts research in communities of color, healthcare workforce development, enhancing outdoor experiences, building new dog parks, and educating children who face difficult life challenges.

Support opportunities are listed chronologically by deadline, with open-deadline appeals at the bottom.

AWARD opportunities

Zayed Sustainability Prize
Deadline: July 6
Schools will be recognized for impactful, innovative, and inspiring solutions in five categories: Health, Food, Energy, Water, and Global High Schools. Details.

GRANTS now available

Wallace Foundation
Grant Program
Deadline: June 9 (letter of intent), August 19 (full proposal)
Grants are available for research studies undertaken by arts organizations rooted in communities of color. Details.

Genentech Foundation
Health Equity and Diversity in STEM Innovation Fund
Deadline: June 10 (initial application), August 5 (full application)
Up to $750,000 is available for programs that advance health equity or promote diversity in science and medicine professions. Details.

▲ Kendal Charitable Funds
Promising Innovations Grant
Deadline: June 10 (letter of intent), August 5 (full proposal)
Grants support programs that address workforce shortages in the healthcare system using any one of four specific approaches. Details. 

Dept. of Agriculture
Socially Disadvantaged Groups Grant
Deadline: June 13
Nonprofits providing technical assistance for socially disadvantaged groups in rural areas are eligible for funding. Details.

Ben & Jerry’s Foundation
National Grassroots Organizing Program
Deadline: June 15, July 15, August 15
Grassroots, constituent-led organizations aiming to create broad systems change may apply for grants of up to $30,000. Details.

Community Foundation for Central Georgia
George E. Hatcher, Jr. and Ann Williams Hatcher Foundation
Deadline: June 15
Nonprofits working in Central Georgia to alleviate suffering, provide shelter, or support the principle of dying with dignity are invited to apply for funding. Details.

Dept. of Health and Human Services
Accelerating Cancer Screening
Deadline: June 15
Support is available for health centers to increase equitable access to cancer screening and referral for care. Details and application.

Innovative Fitness
Chris Conti Memorial Grant
Deadline: June 15
Grants provide a fitness center for an existing space, including consultation, design, fitness equipment, delivery, and installation. Details.

New York Foundation for the Arts
Anonymous Was a Woman Environmental Art Grants
Deadline: June 15
Funding supports women-led environmental art projects across the U.S. that both engage and benefit the public. Details.

▲ Saucony Run for Good Foundation
Grant Program
Deadline: June 15
Grants of up to $10,000 will go to nonprofits that initiate and support running programs for kids age 18 and under. Details.

Venturous Theater Fund
Venturous Capital Grants
Deadline: June 15 (letter of inquiry)
Stage productions that are challenging, controversial, ambitious, or experimental may apply for us to $30,000 in funding. Details.

Dept. of the Treasury
Low Income Taxpayer Clinic
Deadline: June 16
Funding is available for nonprofits providing taxpayer clinics for low-income populations or those who speak English as a second language. Details.

Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Finance Center Grant Program
Deadline: June 17
Support is available for nonprofits providing services for Bipartisan Infrastructure Law-funded, water-related activities. Details.

Longview Foundation
Grant Program
Deadline: June 17 (letter of inquiry), August 26 (full proposal)
International education projects for K-12 students or teachers in the U.S. are eligible for funding. Details.

Dept. of Agriculture
Enhancing Agricultural Opportunities for Military Veterans
Deadline: June 20
Funding supports hands-on training programs for military veterans who want a career in the food or agricultural sectors. Details.

▲ National Forest Foundation
Matching Awards Program
Deadline: June 22
On-the-ground, results-oriented projects that enhance forest health or outdoor experience in national forests may apply for 1-to-1 matching grants. Details.

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Economic Mobility Focused on the Needs of the Community
Deadline: June 24
Grants available for work in affordable housing, small business support, and neighborhood revitalization. Details.

Healthcare Georgia Foundation
Maternal and Child Health Initiative
Deadline: June 24
Supporting access to affordable, high quality, integrated health services, especially for Black women of reproductive age and their families. Details.

Dept. of Health and Human Services
Maternity Group Home
Deadline: June 27
Nonprofits that provide group housing for pregnant or parenting youth may be eligible for funding. Details.

Dept. of Health and Human Services
Refugee Microenterprise Development Program
Deadline: June 27
Funding is available for programs that support the development, expansion, or sustainability of refugee-owned microbusinesses. Details.

JPMorgan Chase
Annual Challenge
Deadline: June 27
Three-year grants are available for Atlanta/Sandy Springs/Alpharetta nonprofits working for equitable economic recovery and against the racial and gender wealth gap. Details.

School-Based Healthcare Solutions Network
Mental Health Implementation Grant
Deadline: June 28
Nonprofits implementing and expanding mental health services on school campuses are invited to apply for funding. Details.

Aaron Copland Fund for Music
Performance Program
Deadline: June 30
General operating support of up to $20,000 is available for ensembles and organizations presenting contemporary American music. Details. / Advantage II
Little Acts, Big Help
Deadline: June 30
Animal rescue and shelter organizations can apply for $3,300 in flea prevention treatment. Details.

▲ Asian American Futures / Gold House
Gold Futures Challenge
Deadline: June 30
Grants support work to ensure that Asian American and Pacific Island communities are seen, heard, empowered, and united. Details.

Borealis Philanthropy
Disability Inclusion Fund
Deadline: June 30
Nonprofits run by and for people with disabilities working for transformational change, especially those engaging other social movements across issues. Details.

The BUILD Health Challenge
Grant Program
Deadline: June 30
Cross-sector, community-driven collaboratives aiming to improve community health may apply for grants of up to $300,000. Details.

Classics for Kids Foundation
Grant Program
Deadline: June 30, quarterly
Matching grants are available to help purchase stringed instruments for programs serving at-risk and rural youth. Details.

Dept. of Agriculture
Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program
Deadline: June 30
Support goes to projects intended to increase the purchase of fruits and vegetables by those participating in SNAP. Details.

FM Global
Fire Prevention Program
Deadline: June 30, September 30, December 31
Grants support a wide array of fire prevention, preparedness, and control efforts; applications reviewed quarterly. Details.

KM Strategies Group
Social Impact Award
Deadline: June 30
Nonprofits working to address critical equity and justice issues may apply for a $45,000 grant package that includes pro bono strategy consulting. Details.

Levitt Foundation
AMP [Your City] Grant Awards
Deadline: June 30
Matching grants of $90,000 are available for arts organizations to present the Levitt AMP Music Series for small-to-midsize towns or cities. Details.

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund
Grant Program
Deadline: June 30
Grants of up to $25,000 support plant, animal, and fungi species conservation efforts, particularly in-situ work. Details.

▲ PetSafe
Bark for Your Park
Deadline: June 30
Grants are available to create new dog parks and to maintain or improve existing dog parks. Details.

St. Augustine Foundation
Grant Program
Deadline: June 30
Work in community-building, care of community newcomers, education, or immediate-response needs may apply; Augustinian endorsement required. Details.

USA TODAY NETWORK / Gannett Foundation
A Community Thrives
Deadline: June 30
Nonprofits that participate in the crowdfunding campaign A Community Thrives, taking place June 1 to June 30, are eligible for grants of up to $100,000. Details.

Outdoor Access Initiative
Deadline: June 30
Grants support work to protect, improve, expand, or maintain access to public land for safe and sustainable purposes. Details.

Dept. of Health and Human Services
Refugee Career Pathways
Deadline: July 1
Up to $750,000 in funding supports work that helps Afghan refugees (and other qualified entrants) secure employment. Details.

Big Lots Foundation
Grant Program
Deadline: July 1
Grants and in-kind support are available for work in hunger, housing, healthcare, and education, especially regarding women and children. Details.

Conservation, Food and Health Foundation
Grant program
Deadline: July 1
Work to conserve natural resources, improve access to food, or improve health in the developing world may be eligible for up to $25,000 in funding. Details.

▲ Detwiler Family Foundation
Grant Program
Deadline: July 1
Nonprofits providing access to education and the arts for Atlanta-area children facing difficult life challenges are invited to apply for funding. Details.

Infinite Hero Foundation
Grant Program
Deadline: July 1 (letter of interest)
Grants of up to $100,000 support services to assist service members or their families in the wake of mental or physical injuries. Details.

National Garden Bureau
Therapeutic Garden Grant
Deadline: July 1
Grants will go to three therapeutic gardens, which will then participate in a social media competition to win extra prize contributions. Details.

New Earth Foundation
Grant Program
Deadline: July 1
Grants go to innovative projects that enhance life and brighten the future, furthering peace, in any number of areas. Details.

Jacob & Valeria Langeloth Foundation
Grant Program
Deadline: July 7 (preliminary application)
Grants are available in two focus areas: Justice Reform (national or local) and Safe & Healthy Communities (particularly regarding gun violence). Details.

National Endowment for the Arts
Grants for Arts Projects
Deadline: July 7 (, July 19 (NEA applicant portal)
Funding is available for arts projects in any of a wide range of disciplines, in support of advancing public engagement with and access to art. Details, NEA applicant portal.

Community Care Corps
Grant Program
Deadline: July 8
Innovative local programs providing non-medical volunteer assistance to older adults, adults with disabilities, or caregivers may apply for funding. Details.

Home Depot Foundation
Veteran Housing Grants
Deadline: July 8
Grants of up to $500,000 are available for developing and repairing housing for Atlanta-area military veterans and their families. Details.

Dept. of Health and Human Services
Community Economic Development Projects
Deadline: July 11
Projects that help individuals address barriers to self-sufficiency are eligible for funding, including business startup support and efforts to restore jobs lost due to the pandemic. Details.

American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation
Family Medicine Cares USA
Deadline: July 15
Grants are available for newly-established free health clinics to purchase durable equipment and instruments. Details.

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation
Grant Program
Deadline: July 15
Nonprofits providing information about new, innovative programs designed to benefit youth are eligible for support. Details.

Atlanta United Foundation / Local Initiatives Support Corporation
GA 100
Deadline: July 15
Grants of up to $75,000 are available to improve mini-pitch soccer fields primarily serving low- and moderate-income Georgians. Details.

Impact Fund
Grant Program
Deadline: July 19 (letter of inquiry), October 11 (letter of inquiry)
Support is available for nonprofits using impact litigation in social justice, economic justice, or environmental justice. Details.

Morgan Stanley
Alliance for Children’s Mental Health Innovation Awards
Deadline: July 15
Five $100,000 grants will go to new mental healthcare programs for children and young adults, prioritizing vulnerable populations. Details.

▲ Common Counsel Foundation / Native Americans in Philanthropy
Native Voices Rising
Deadline: July 15
Up to $40,000 in operating support will go to Native-led groups that serve the community in leadership development and collective social action. Details.

Coordinated Assistance Network
Momentum To Modernize
Deadline: August 1 (letter of inquiry)
In-kind grants of cloud-based organization management software will go to 75 minority-led nonprofits. Details.

Lisle International
Global Seed Grants
Deadline: August 1
Grants of up to $5,000 support programs promoting intercultural communication and shared learning. Details.

Road Runners Club of America
Kids Run the Nation Grant Fund
Deadline: August 1
Nonprofits operating or implementing youth running programs can apply for up to $1,000 in funding. Details.

South Arts
Cross-Sector Impact Grants
Deadline: August 1 (letter of interest)
Grants of up to $15,000 are available to support “arts and…” projects developed by partnerships between arts organizations (or artists) and non-arts organizations. Details.

Anthem Foundation
Maternal and Child Health Grants
Deadline: August 31
Programs that reduce preterm birth rates, maternal morbidity and mortality, or primary C-section rates may apply for funding. Details.

Previously-listed OPEN deadlines

  • Anthem Foundation | Social drivers of health issues. Details.
  • Awesome Foundation | Arts, tech, and community development. Details.
  • BoatUS | Safe and clean boating practices. Details.
  • Borealis Philanthropy | Police accountability. Details.
  • Borealis Philanthropy | Help for trans-led organizations. Details.
  • Bob Barker Company Foundation | Reentry post-incarceration. Details.
  • Can’d Aid | Recycling programs and educational services. Details.
  • Companioning Grievers Foundation | Services for those impacted by loss. Details.
  • Cornell Douglas Foundation | Environmental health and justice, K-12 financial literacy. Details.
  • Craig Newmark Philanthropies | Grassroots efforts. Details.
  • David Rockefeller Fund | The arts, criminal justice, environment. Details.
  • ECMC Foundation | Postsecondary student success. Details.
  • First Horizon Foundation | Atlanta-area arts and culture, education, leadership, environment, financial literacy, health, human services. Details.
  • The Glaser Progress Foundation | Measuring progress, independent and unheard voices. Details.
  • Groundswell Fund | Grassroots efforts for reproductive justice. Details.
  • The Home Depot Foundation | Volunteerism. Details.
  • Kars4Kids | Education, mentoring, youth development. Details.
  • Lyft | Essential goods delivery or client transportation; COVID-related. Details.
  • MLB-MLBPA Youth Development Foundation | Youth baseball and softball. Details.
  • MUFG Union Bank Foundation | Atlanta-area affordable housing, economic development, social and economic justice. Details.
  • National Geographic | Remote learning in science, social studies, or geography; COVID-related. Details.
  • Nasdaq Foundation | Diverse entrepreneur support; quarterly. Details. 
  • Open Technology Fund | Human rights. Internet freedom. Open societies. Details.
  • PEDIGREE Foundation | Animal welfare nonprofits dealing with emergencies or puppy mills. Details.
  • Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People | Relief for systemic oppression and poverty. Details.
  • Public Welfare Foundation | Criminal and youth justice system reform. Details.
  • Resist | Efforts in response to timely political or cultural events. Details.
  • Roddenberry Foundation | Original projects with global impact. Details.
  • School-Based Healthcare Solutions Network | School-based telehealth programs; COVID-related. Details.
  • The Skatepark Project | Public skatepark construction. Details.
  • South Arts | Touring artists in rural communities. Details.
  • South Arts | Professional development for arts organizations. Details.
  • The Solutions Project | Transition to clean energy. Details.
  • Wallace Global Fund | Catalyzing significant change. Details.
  • Wish You Well Foundation | Literacy skills for adults. Details.

► These opportunities have been sourced from Candid’s Philanthropy News Digest, GrantStation, and Grant Gopher, as well as grantmakers’ online notices.

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