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Certificate of Financial Vitality


Create a thriving organization in a challenging funding environment.


Vitality is about the capacity to live, grow or develop. It implies vigor, energy, or liveliness found only in a few nonprofits in these times. Want to move beyond sustainability and surviving to vitality and thriving – this class is about the concepts to help you think differently.

Financial vitality is modeled by the organization that manages its balance sheet and is moving beyond the concept of nonprofit sustainability. It is the organization that takes smart calculated risks to invest in itself, has a culture focused on mission, results and community impact and has mastered strategy through its strategic planning, work planning and budget process. Financial vitality is about more than survival; it is about thriving in a challenging environment and using all of the tools available to achieve impact.

This series will teach the basics of managing results tied to budgeting, financial management of the balance sheet, and creating impact beyond individual programs.  It puts together the money, mission matrix, theory of change and impact and your financial information to achieve the energy to grow forward. 


FV 301 | Financial Vitality Defined and Practiced: Result Measures to the Balance Sheet
This class will provide a definition of vitality, worksheets on the mission-money matrix, management dashboards, and a balance sheet management approach.  It will focus on how to take an organization from sustainability (surviving) to one positioned for growth, calculated risk and investments focused on ROI. A small dose of change management will be included in this session and a Vitality Checklist created for application to an organization.   

FV 302 | Financial Vitality: Redefining the Operating Reserve for Innovation
Fund Balance and reserves are necessary and say much about the financial health of the organization. Learn about how to create, manage and invest a reserve using a financial vitality lens. The class will cover different types of reserves, how to build a reserve, and best practices on managing the balance sheet to get the fund balance to reflect the organizations vitality. 

FV 303 | Organizational Culture: Building a Culture to Support Vitality
Organizational culture has a lot to do with supporting or sabotaging vitality. Leaders develop and sustain the organizational culture. Learn about the characteristics of an organization focused on vitality ranging from recovery to growth. Building core competencies in staff to support vitality are one component needed to be successful. Leading an organization that is focused on its version of vitality is covered in this class.  

FV 304 | Building the Plan: Strategies for Achieving Vitality
Vitality take a strategy and the strategy takes a plan to make it happen. It takes thoughtful planning to create financial vitality. It does not just happened.  This session will tie together the three workshops and focus on developing an implementation plan to move an organization toward vitality. Each participant will develop a goal sheet in this session and a plan for implementation of one or two concepts over the next 12 months. 


Development staff and executive leadership


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