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Member | Beer & Benefits: A Solutions Discussion About Nonprofit Talent Retention

In the nonprofit field, far more people have been hired in 2021 than have quit. The explanation? The vast majority of nonprofit employees who quit their job do so to take a more attractive one. So what makes those jobs more attractive? And how can nonprofit leaders – even those with smaller budgets – compete for great talent in this environment? 

Join Mutual of America and GCN for an in-person, open-air event, where you’ll enjoy the company of your peers and a local brew while diving into practical, achievable solutions for attracting and retaining staff using real-world examples.

In particular, we will be sharing ways that organizations can design retirement plans to make them more easily accessible for new hires, while keeping existing staff engaged and educated.

The beer, and the expertise, is on us!

Note: This event will be held in-person, outdoors and does not have any vaccination or masking requirement.

What we’ll cover

  • Selecting a plan that best fits the long-term needs of employees and the goals of employers 
  • The importance of plan design when hunting for talent and attracting new hires 
  • Specific ways to modernize retirement benefits to increase the incentive for employees to participate 
  • Additional strategies to implement in order to retain top talent


  • John Cottee, Mutual of America Regional Vice President
  • Karen Beavor is President and CEO of Georgia Center for Nonprofits


Program Stats:


November 11, 2021


6:00pm - 8:00pm ET


New Realm Brewing Company
550 Somerset Terrace NE #101
Atlanta, GA 30306

Registration Details

This program is free and exclusive to GCN member nonprofits. 

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] or 678-916-3080.