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DOING LAB | Start Your Nonprofit

In this 3-session Lab, you’ll create and develop the necessary documents to start your nonprofit, which includes registering your name, drafting articles of incorporation and by-laws, and compiling the necessary information to fill out your tax exemption application. You’ll also begin the real-world prep work like forming your initial board and setting the agenda for their first meeting.

Come prepared to do the paperwork, gather materials, and get your nonprofit aspirations off the ground.



  • Understand the process for incorporating your nonprofit organization, including all documents involved.
  • Write articles of incorporation.
  • Understand the process for incorporating your nonprofit organization, including all documents involved.
  • Complete key sections of your tax exemption application, including the budget and program narrative.
  • Determine who you need for your founding board of directors, and what to do at your first meeting.
  • Write articles of incorporation.


  • Individuals ready to start the process for creating a nonprofit organization. (Still thinking about it? Take Nonprofit University’s How to Start a Nonprofit class)
  • Potential board members and supporting friends


Please bring a laptop – you will be working on it for much of this Lab. Electronic templates and samples, including articles of incorporation and tax documents, will be provided to download, use in class, and take with you.

You will complete certain portions of the process in class, using help from our roving consultant, who will provide advice and information for each participating team. (Participation will be limited to a maximum of five teams.)

Expect homework between sessions: We will ask you to complete some sections between sessions which we’ll review in subsequent sessions.

Join this small-cohort “doing” experience, and prepare to launch your nonprofit alongside your fellow entrepreneurs; sharing and peer-to-peer learning will be encouraged.



Kathy Keeley has started 9 nonprofit organizations and helped many entrepreneurs start their nonprofits. With more than 25 years of experience in fundraising for organizations of all kinds, including very small and medium-sized nonprofits, Kathy consults and trains in all fundraising topics, with a focus on current trends, demographics, technology, social trends, and ongoing changes. Keeley is hands-on practitioner, having spent most of her life as an executive director getting organizations off the ground. Her facilitation style will keep you engaged, productive, and on-track to complete the a final product.



Program Stats:




5:30pm - 8:00pm


Georgia Center for Nonprofits
Training Room
100 Peachtree Street NW
Atlanta GA 30303

Registration Details

$500 per organization
Includes 2 to 5 representatives from your organization.
Dinnner is included.

Contact [email protected] to register.


Note: This is a Nonprofit Consulting Group program, not a Nonprofit University course, so subscriptions do not apply.

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