In Case You Missed It: Last Week's NP News, Today | July 15

Each Monday, we bring you a roundup of the news that caught our attention over the past week.

Today’s entry brings us new approaches to Millennial engagement, tips for fundraising across a number of channels (old and new), a milestone for Georgia’s Points of Light foundation, and more!

Findings Friday | State Budget Breakdown

Friday, July 12, 2013
| by Editor |

Georgia's new $37.2 billion FY2014 budget went into effect on July 1. What does this mean for Georgia's nonprofits and constituents? Find out in this...

In the latest issue of Georgia Nonprofit NOW, we discussed some of the highlights from the Georgia General Assembly's 2013 legislative session and provided a more in-depth look at 2013 legislation affecting Georgia's nonprofit sector. Today, we'll take a deeper dive into HB 106, Georgia's 2014 state budget, which went into effect on July 1.

GCN New Members | July 8

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
| by Editor |

Say hello to nine new GCN organization, business, associate and student members, in our July 8 update!

One of our newest members preserves native plants found in the upper Georgia Piedmont ecosystem. Another provides food, shelter and safety for Haitian orphans to acquire basic reading skills.  Inside, find out who they are, and discover the many new faces in the GCN family.

What Fuels your Work Day?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
| by Editor |

Nonprofits have huge missions to guide them, but as individuals we all need something a little more personal to fuel our day-to-day work. We want...

To highlight the summer issue of Georgia Nonprofit NOW and our feature on Nonprofit HR practices, we’re going to be posting some of the things that keep our office mojo going—beginning with our favorite: popcorn and granola bars! Join us, by sharing images and stories of your office motivators: sweets & treats, family photos, client testimony, your favorite manager—whatever fuels your day!