Nonprofit Resources for Georgia Gives Day

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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We've created tools, tips and checklists for nonprofits to fully leverage Georgia Gives Day for their organizations.  Below are our most popular resources.  Explore the...

Inside, read more about our nonprofit frequently asked questions, nonprofit toolkit, guide to building your profile, social media toolkit, and monthly checklist!

39 Days of IDEAS | Day 19: On-boarding young voices

One Georgia nonprofit is bringing in new voices with its Junior Board, allowing seven young Georgians the opportunity to exercise their own leadership, volunteerism and...

The idea for the Junior Board of Directors at Hemophilia of Georgia arose in a strategic planning meeting just two years ago. Today, its seven members are working hard to raise awareness of the disorder and support HoG’s work by planning fundraisers, recruiting volunteers, working at events, and representing HoG in their communities.

39 Days of IDEAS | Day 18: Online support for nonprofit founders

Friday, September 26, 2014
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To better serve aspiring nonprofit founders, the Foundation Center-Atlanta developed the Nonprofit Startup Assessment, an online tool that provides feedback on a variety of...

Every year, more than 60,000 groups apply for nonprofit status, and Program Associate Lauren Jeong is one of the professionals at the Foundation Center-Atlanta who counsels aspiring leaders on effective implementation of their ideas. 

39 Days of IDEAS | Day 16: Joining forces to form a top nonprofit

Effective July 1, Literacy Action merged with Literacy Volunteers of Atlanta. “By bringing together the two largest literacy organizations in the Southeast, we’re becoming one of the...

According to Dickson, the merger idea was tossed between the two well-established organizations for “at least 15 years.” Finally, “both boards felt the time was right: the resources were there, the leadership was there, the momentum and rationale were strong.”



39 Days of IDEAS | Day 15: Mapping community need and nonprofit capacity

GCN and the Peyton Anderson Foundation teamed up to study the needs of low-income residents in Macon and surrounding Bibb County, and assess the sector’s...

This past year, GCN and the Peyton Anderson Foundation teamed up to study the needs of low-income residents in Macon and surrounding Bibb County, and assess the sector’s ability to meet them. The process began by identifying more than 200 area nonprofits, followed by focus groups, in-depth data collection, and analysis, which was used to quantify issues, assess capacity, and find both duplications and gaps in services. 

39 Days of IDEAS | Day 14: Bringing the “maker space” to students

Monday, September 22, 2014
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Community Guilds, which provides students with hands-on job-skills learning experiences, wanted a way to get kids involved in—and leading—practical, collaborative problem-solving projects. Their answer: a...

Community Guilds, which provides hands-on job skills learning experiences to students, considered a number of options to get elementary and middle school students to a “maker space”—a studio and workshop for designing and carrying out a range of projects—but the hurdles were high: leasing and renovating a facility was expensive, and transporting kids off-campus means navigating yards of red tape. 

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