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Literacy Action merged with Literacy Volunteers of Atlanta. “By bringing together the two largest literacy organizations in the Southeast, we’re becoming one of the top adult literacy nonprofits in the U.S.,” said Literacy Action ED Austin Dickson.

According to Dickson, the merger idea was tossed between the two well-established organizations for “at least 15 years.” Finally, “both boards felt the time was right: the resources were there, the leadership was there, the momentum and rationale were strong.”

Merging has allowed the organizations to provide clients with “a more comprehensive set of offerings that serve many learning styles,” said Dickson. That includes a strong, tailored classroom-based experience supported by one-on-one tutoring, expanded family literacy and English as a Second Language programs, and opportunities for new programs. The new organization also serves volunteers with greater access to professional development, reduces costs while improving efficiency, and maybe more: “Through the recruiting, training, monitoring, and encouraging of hundreds of volunteers, we believe we’ll have a scalable model to address adult low literacy in the region.”

From the Literacy Action's website: "A key component of Literacy Action’s 2014-2016 Strategic Plan, the merger allows for (1) growth of the student body, (2) diversification of programming as well as (3) geographic expansion. “It’s thrilling to see two literacy organizations place their missions clearly in their sights and make the bold decision to combine. The Atlanta region will be better for it,” said Kathy Palumbo, Director of Programs at The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. The Foundation made a grant from its Strategic Restructuring Fund to partially support the merger.

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