Surveying sector talent: How well are we doing at attracting and keeping the people we need?

June 20, 2018
| by Guest Contributor |

The job market pendulum has swung once again in favor of talent: The unemployment rate is at a 17-year low, meaning employers need every edge to attract, hire, and retain the best. To that end, we’ve been doing more than sharing our expertise, extending our educational offerings, and providing employer resources at GCN’s national nonprofit job board, Work for Good.

For starters, we’ve been conducting of-the-moment research into the nonprofit workforce. We captured our most recent efforts in Work for Good’s first ebook, The nonprofit workforce speaks: Candid insight to attract, engage, and retain top mission-driven talent, based on our nationwide survey. A few of our findings:

  • Nonprofit work is its own advantage: A full 58% of those surveyed switched to nonprofits from another sector, and 88% plan to stick with it. In fact, our people still prioritize culture and values, mission and vision, and opportunities to learn and grow above compensation when selecting a new job.
  • Most nonprofit pros are feeling the money crunch: Only 48% consider themselves “comfortable” financially. This factor plays the biggest role when our people are deciding to stay with their current job, where it rises to the top of our respondents’ priority list.
  • Learning works best at work: When ranking the career development resources they find most effective, respondents put “on-the-job stretch opportunities” at number one, topping conferences, classes, and mentoring.

Karen Beavor is president and CEO of GCN.

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