Tips for Seeking Year-End Contributions

December 09, 2013
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'Tis the season for the mad-dash to secure end-of-year gifts for your nonprofit. More than one-third of all charitable giving happens in the last three months of the year—with nearly 18% in December alone—according to the 2012 Blackbaud Charity Giving Report. GCN Affiliate Consultant Cara Schroeder of Schroeder Resources provides seven tactics to give your year-end campaign a boost.

  1. Review the renewal list.
    Make sure your team is reviewing the list of donors to renew each week. Include anyone who’s given in the last three years, and make sure an ask is being made.

  2. Dial for dollars! 
    Contact your donors and prospects by phone before it's too late. It’s been shown that a phone conversation results in a donation one out of four times—much higher than the chances yielded by a personal letter (one in 10) or e-mail (one in 100).

  3. Make it easy for everyone to give! 
    Review all of your giving mechanisms. Make sure it is easy to give online, and make sure all your printed materials point to your online giving address. Print pledge forms to mail or hand out when speaking to donors. Talk to employers to find out if donors can give in-person at the office (this often involves recruiting an in-office contact to accept the donations).

  4. Communicate with everyone about your annual appeal drive. 
    Equip your organization’s key leadership (ED, board members, volunteers, staff) to verbally express your organization’s needs as well as the year-end giving deadline.

  5. Remind. 
    Don’t let your constituents forget that the tax deductible deadline is Dec. 31. 

  6. Thank. 
    Express your organization’s gratitude to donors immediately, find out who they are and why they responded, and take notes for next year (or further involvement in the meantime).

  7. Celebrate! 
    Report the organization’s year-end fundraising totals to everyone, and communicate how their support impacts your nonprofits’ overarching goals: providing programs and services that better people’s lives.

Cara Schroeder is a GCN Affiliate Consultant and operates Atlanta-based nonprofit consultancy Schroeder Resources©. Find out more at

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