One of Your Organization’s Most Visible Documents: Understanding IRS Form 990

April 21, 2015
| by Guest Contributor |

Ahead of our upcoming webinar (free to GCN members!), Mauldin & Jenkins Tax Director Mary Jo Alexander reminds us that IRS Form 990 isn't just about meeting your tax requirements, it's also your nonprofit's most public (and searchable) document. Read more and learn more about our April 30 Form 990 webinar.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990 is an exhaustive, complicated tax filing that goes well beyond simply reporting annual financial results. Further, the report is available publicly, seen by prospective donors, nonprofit analysts, the news media and others interested in the tax-exempt arena. This means nonprofit leaders should make time to become familiar this report and understand the information it communicates to these many audiences.

The ultimate goal of filing the Form 990 is to satisfy IRS requirements and preserve an organization’s tax-exempt status. Organizations designated as charities have an additional objective: that is to demonstrate each year, via the public support test, that they continue to qualify as a publicly-supported organization.

Essential to this required tax filing is to ensure that the Form 990 is complete and accurate. The starting point for accuracy is identifying which form a nonprofit organization needs to file, and for which year. For fiscal year-end nonprofits, it is critical to identify the correct tax year: file the wrong year, or skip the correct year filing, and the IRS will consider that year as never having been filed.   

Mary Jo Alexander is tax director at Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC.


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