Is your nonprofit prepared for an executive transition?

When “on-boarding” a new CEO, nonprofits often make the mistake of leaving the new executive leader to fend for themselves. 

Navigating an executive leadership transition can be tricky. While the new executive search may be well-planned and thoroughly executed, the actual nonprofit CEO transition process is often treated as an afterthought.

“Too many organizations throw caution to the wind when it comes to CEO on-boarding and transition support,” writes Meredith Rentz, President & CEO of MedShare, and Charlie Evans, MedShare’s Board Vice Chair.

In their collaborative article, “On-boarding your new CEO,” featured in the summer issue of Georgia Nonprofit NOW, Rentz and Evans use their recent experience from MedShare’s executive succession process to share best practices and strategies for boarding a new CEO. 

While reflecting on their process to board Rentz as the new president of MedShare, they identified ten key components that were important to utilize in the boarding process—and what they would have done differently.

In MedShare’s case, after Rentz was successfully hired, two board members served as the official “CEO transition team,” paving the way for clarified expectations, minimized risks of unstated expectations, and took an overall systematic approach to the on-boarding process.

Read, “On-boarding your new CEO,” to discover the 10 key components for a successful executive transition.

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Casey Bruce is a Communications Coordinator at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. 

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