ICYMI: Last Week's Nonprofit News, Today | June 10

This week: a couple of predictions for the future of nonprofits, fundraising that doesn’t forget the “fun,” appealing to donors when you serve the “unworthy,” tapping volunteers for their innovative ideas, what to ask when you need a technology upgrade, and more—including the latest issue of Georgia Nonprofit NOW, available online for GCN members.


Is For-Profit the Future of Non-Profit?
(The Atlantic)
A fascinating, wide-ranging look at the rise of the cause-driven for-profit, the model used successfully by companies like PRODUCT (RED) to support causes by selling products.

Is Debt Collection the Next Frontier for Nonprofits?
(Nonprofit Quarterly)
Rick Cohen takes a thought-provoking look at a Tulsa-based debt collection company CEO who believes that nonprofits are a perfect fit for the debt-collection industry.



Going Against the Fundraising Grain: Three Unconventional Fundraising Tactics
(Nonprofit Hub)
Three simple but unexpected approaches to raising money that will remind you why you can’t spell “fundraiser” without “fun.”

Donor Retention: 5 Recommendations to Make New Friends and Keep the Old
(Nonprofit Information)
A nonprofit hospital executive provides five tried-and-true tips for making sure your donors keep coming back, from communicating impact to making sure donors receive multiple opportunities to give.

The Next Generation of American Giving
The latest results from Blackbaud’s annual survey of giving by generation, in a slickly-animated infographic bursting with useful data.



Keep Your Donors Engaged and Informed Over the Summer
(Lori Jacobwith)
It can be tough to keep donors and other stakeholders involved during the summer months, as everyone takes a bit more time off from their usual workaday. These techniques from Jacobwith—including short and regular updates, personal invitations to summer events, and handwritten notes—should help you capture their divided attention.

Fundraising to Help Child Abusers, Murderers, and Other “Unworthy” People
(Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)
Sure, it can be easy to generate donor sympathy for homeless animals and hungry kids. But what if your nonprofit does “the dirty work of society that no one wants to see” and “helps the people that no one wants to help”? Kivi Leroux-Miller has some answers, including a focus on hope, small victories, and “indirect beneficiaries.”

What Would YOU Do? Case Study: Crisis Communications
(Getting Attention)
Since it opened last month, The National September 11 Museum and Memorial has been criticized for its restaurant, gift shop, and event hosting service. Nancy Schwartz looks at how they’ve responded to the negative press, and what your nonprofit can learn about communicating effectively in the face of intense community backlash.

34 Powerful Ads that Made Me Stop and Think
(The San Francisco Globe)
Get inspired by this collection of nonprofit print ads that make a big impression. (Trigger warning: some are fairly graphic.)



Making Smarter Decisions When Selecting Technology
It’s one of those perpetual problems for nonprofits of any size: Sooner or later, you’re going to need to update your technology. Here, NTEN provides the questions you need to ask yourself (or the department in need) when you do, with a detailed explanation of what each answer means for your next big software or hardware purchase.



Volunteers and the Quest for Innovation (Energize)
On the hunt for new and better ways of accomplishing your mission? Susan J. Ellis suggests looking to your volunteer corp: “Many are the activists, mavericks, and visionaries who see what needs to be done before established institutions (public or private) recognize that need.”

Best Practices: Thanking Volunteers Using Online Surveys
(Engaging Volunteers / VolunteerMatch)
Showing your volunteers appreciation is a must, as is getting their opinions on how your organization handles its volunteer program and its mission. This post shows how you can do both, using a short online survey backed by a low-cost incentive to complete it.



Georgia Nonprofit NOW: Spring 2014
The spring issue has just been released! Included: a detailed guide to strategic planning, a conversation with Points of Light director and candidate for Senate Michelle Nunn, a discussion with the ED and board chair of Chattahoochee Riverkeeper about the organization's first ever change of leadership, and more.


Marc Schultz is contributing editor at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

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