ICYMI: Last Week's NP News, Today | July 22

In case you missed it (ICYMI), each Monday we bring you a roundup of the news that caught our attention over the past week. 


7 Things I Learned About Social Media Powered Online Fundraising (Beth Kanter)
The grand poobah of nonprofit networking shares the takeaways from her recently-completed campaign, a hugely personal and successful fundraiser for ocean conservation in honor of her deceased father.

Mobile Friendly Websites for Nonprofits—Case Study (Kivi’s Blog / Nonprofit Marketing Guide)
JoAnn Manke of nonprofit WithinReach explains the hows and whys of their new, smartphone-friendly website and how it’s helped them reach more teens than ever before.

Compelling Images for Nonprofits: When Babies and Puppies Aren’t in Your Mission (Network for Good)
With examples from five nonprofits, a few practical tips for getting started, storing, and sharing your images, and not a kid or animal in sight. This brief guide is for all the nonprofits whose missions don’t necessarily generate that most potent form of click-bait.

4 Tips to Boost Online Actions with Direct Mail (Socialbrite)
Easy ways to bridge snail-mail and cyberspace: “One powerful feature of the human brain is its consistent need to resolve dissonance. ...You can create dissonance with your direct mail piece. For example, a mysterious question that can only be answered by visiting your website.”



Halopreneurs are Do-Gooders with Business Resources (Inspiring Generosity / Razoo)
Meet the newest class of fundraiser, and find out where to find them, in this brief primer.

Tips for Seeking First-Time Support (PhilanTopic / Philanthropy News Digest)
“Foundations and corporate grantmakers are more likely to fund a program or project that others have deemed worthy of support,” but someone has got to be first. Grantwriter Allison Shirk shares tips “designed to help you demonstrate to potential first-time funders that your project or program merits their support.”

Four Giving Trends Among Wealthy Donors (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
A new Institute of Philanthropy survey of 22 wealthy donors from around the world reveals four eye-opening trends—including the fact that none gave money to the arts. (Much more popular: pressing social causes, especially abroad.)

Pedaling for a Good Cause—But Why? (The Wall Street Journal)
“If you donate enough to my favored charity, I will ride some insane distance. The feat and others like it don’t advance the cause of breast-cancer research or anything else in any direct way. ...So what are the sponsors paying for?”



An Interview With Jean Case on the 2013 Millennial Impact Report (Nonprofit Quarterly)
“In a media world that often portrays millennials in a negative light as ‘technology obsessed’ and uninterested in face-time, it was uplifting to speak with Jean and hear how millennials are becoming increasingly more connected to nonprofits and giving, as well as the great potential the nonprofit sector has to tap into this age group.” The CEO of the Case Foundation speaks about the just-released study from cause consultants Achieve.

MCON13 Live Blog: Millennial Giving (NTEN)
On Thursday, cause consultants Achieve held a conference tackling all aspects of millennials in nonprofits. This post on millennial giving trends is one of a series by NTEN, who reported live from the panels and presentations taking place on the ground in Indianapolis and online



Why Have Nonprofits Fizzled on the Sequester? (Nonprofit Quarterly)
“For nonprofits, the problem is that the sector’s message on the sequester has been confused and sometimes counterproductive.” Rick Cohen explores some of the reasons for that communications failure, and steps sector leadership can take to get Capitol Hill, and the American public, to take notice.

Diverse Alliance of Nonprofits Sues Over NSA Surveillance (The Chronicle of Philanthropy)
“Nineteen plaintiffs ranging from environmental and human-rights organizations to gun-rights activists and religious groups joined in the suit filed Tuesday by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, challenging what they termed an ‘illegal and unconstitutional program of dragnet electronic surveillance.’”

President Creates Task Force to Expand National Service (Philanthropy Journal)
While presenting the 5000th Daily Point of Light Award on July 15 alongside former President George H.W. Bush and Georgia’s own Michelle Nunn, President Obama announced the establishment of an interagency team, led by CNCS, tasked with expanding national service opportunities.



Growing Social Enterprise ThinkImpact Opts to Go Commercial (You’re the Boss / The New York Times)
Confirmed: a successful New York nonprofit profiled last week in The New York Times will soon become a for-profit business. In this follow-up interview, ThinkImpact ED Saul Garlick says “the decision came down to shareholders versus donors.” Nonprofit Quarterly summarizes the two-part story and outlines three key points of reflection for those facing a similar decision.

TOMS: Love It or Hate It, Here to Stay (UnSectored)
Following a recent Fast Company feature on the buy-one-to-give-one shoe business, a LIVESTRONG staffer contemplates TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie’s mistakes, progress, and potential, encouraging the sector to “cut him some slack.”



Findings Friday | Serving Our Vets, Part 3: Veteran-Nonprofit Alignment (GCN)
“A gulf exists between perceptions of greatest needs. For example, nonprofits and VSOs drastically underestimate the need of mental health services. More broadly, vet and VSO perceived need prioritizations vary across the board.”

New Case Studies Highlight High-Impact Leadership from Eight Atlanta Nonprofits (GCN)
GCN and The Home Depot Foundation partnered to award the 2013 Nonprofit IMPACT Awards.  Winners and runners-up are featured in the case study PDF document, available for download.



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