ICYMI: Last Week's NP News, Today | August 19

This week — a GCN member weighs in on the Georgia/Florida/Alabama water feud, articles on emerging social technologies and the Millennials who use them, and a UK columnist with words for those who complain about high nonprofit CEO salaries.


Let’s not be pious about do-gooders’ handsome salaries (Comment Is Free / The Observer)
Pushing back against recent criticism of executive salaries at some charities, columnist Catherine Bennett starts a much-needed conversation about the money it takes to get top leadership to head up nonprofits, and why the sector deserves every bit of it.



Fla. governor says state will sue Georgia over water (Gainesville Times)
It’s governor vs. governor as Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott announces a plan to sue Georgia over increased water consumption that allegedly limits flow to the Apalachicola River. Gov. Deal says that, after two years of good-faith negotiations, the announcement “greatly disappoints” him. GCN member Chattahoochee Riverkeeper notes the news on its homepage, and points to their informative, link-heavy overview of the ongoing Tri-State Water Conflict that also includes Alabama’s ACT basin.

A Dedicated Life: Shirley Sherrod’s Ongoing Battle for Racial Cooperation in Georgia (Philantopic)
In 2010, Shirley Sherrod was unjustly fired from her post as state director for the USDA in Georgia, following the release of a video edited to paint the long-time champion of racial cooperation as an unrepentant bigot. Today, Sherrod heads up two nonprofits continuing her work to bring people together, which she discusses in this short but insightful profile.



Yes to Multichannel BUT Mix Depends on Audience (Getting Attention)
A practical look at the the results of Blackbaud’s just-released report, The Next Generation of American Giving, with tips on how to structure your communication plan based on the kind of supporters you need to reach. The most important part? Knowing who those supporters are.

5 Nonprofits Using Instagram Video to Promote Campaigns (John Haydon)
It’s been just four months after the popular photo-sharing platform launched its video-sharing service, and nonprofits are already taking advantage. Here’s five fine examples of nonprofits using the short, 15-seconds-or-less video clips to get outsized attention.

5 Ways to Engage Millennials on Social Media (Engaging Volunteers / Volunteer Match)
An under-30 member of the DoSomething team presents some practical insider’s tips on getting the attention of millennials online—think images, hashtags, and “emoji.”

6 email marketing services to build your list (Socialbrite)
Email marketing can be a complicated endeavor, which is why many nonprofits, including GCN, turn to an email service for help. This post compares six different email services (including GCN’s personal favorite, MailChimp), looking at the major features and typical costs associated with each. Meanwhile, Network for Good’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog draws some lessons for your next email campaign from a real-world A/B test conducted by People for the American Way for a recent fundraising appeal.

'Find Your Missing Child' is Revolutionizing Its Community Using Social Media (Community Organizer 2.0)
This case study of Find Your Missing Child, a young nonprofit born on and centered around social media, shows how the organization uses the coordinating and storytelling power of platforms like Facebook and Twitter to find, recover, and help young people in crisis.



The 5 Key Principles of Effective Online Fundraising (Bloomerang)
Everything old is new again on the internet, where people are increasingly spending their time and money. In this brief overview, The Fundraising Authority’s Joe Garecht reminds you that relationships and planning still matter, but that magical thinking and constant asking are never going to work.

The Problem of Strategic Philanthropy (According to Bill Schambra) (Nonprofit Quarterly)
Though philanthropy based in data and evidence may have led to some powerful proof of impact and a sea change in the way foundations make decisions, one speaker at a meeting of the Hewlett Foundation points to a number of problems dogging the model: namely, a tendency toward hand-wringing and “chewing the cud” over simple observation and timely action. In a follow-up, the former head of Hewlett responds with five lessons for effective strategic giving.



Eight Social Entrepreneurs Tell Their Personal Stories (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
For your end-of-summer reading list, SSIR provides capsule reviews of eight books by social entrepreneurs, along with links to more extensive reviews, excerpts, and more.



How does your nonprofit tell its story? (GCN)
A call to submit your images of impact! To gear up for Georgia Gives Day, GCN challenges you to tell the story of your nonprofit in a photo or illustration. Post one–or more!–to your online social network of choice with the tag #GaGivesImpact, and we’ll promote your work online and in print.

GCN Member News (GCN)
Which GCN member received a $1.9 million grant from the U.S. Dept. of Energy? Which Food Network star donated their reality show winnings to Atlanta Community Food Bank? That, and more, in our monthly roundup.

Meet GCN’s New Americorps VISTA Members (GCN)
Find out a little bit about our awesome new GCN colleagues. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot from them over the next year, as they work to help you “Ignite Possible.”

Findings Friday | 2013 Wage & Benefits Report (GCN)
A first look at the annual report put out by Opportunity Knocks, our national job board and human resources site, shows that wages are pulling free of the recession, but that benefits are still languishing.

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