ICYMI: Last Week’s Nonprofit News, Today | Nov. 25

As the year winds down, here's some helpful tips for your end-of-the-year fundraising. Check out Forbes 2012's Top 50 Givers! And how to grab your readers in your story, right from the start?


America’s 50 Top Givers 
Forbes releases its annual list of 2012’s biggest donors in the country, beginning with Bill & Melinda Gates ($1.9 billion), Warren Buffet ($1.87 billion), George Soros ($763 million), Mark Zuckerberg ($519 million), and the Walton family ($432 million).


Year-End Fundraising Checklist for Nonprofits
(John Haydon)
A guest post from Getting Attention’s Nancy Schwartz gives you a complete but concise rundown of everything you need to do to get the final giving season of the year underway. (Step one? Pinpoint where you are right now.)

The Clear Logic Behind Shockingly Low Fundraising Goals
(Nonprofit Quarterly)
Nonprofit publishing house McSweeneys is once again defying convention--their typical M.O.--in a new kickstarter celebrating their 15th anniversary. The twist? They’re looking to raise just $15.

The Network For Good Digital Giving Index
(Network for Good)
The mid-year update from Network for Good’s online giving survey is up, and this infographic tells you how digital donations fared in the first half of the year.


Nonprofit Storytelling: How to hook your reader from the first sentence
(Pamela Grow)
Fundraising coach Grow demonstrates the importance of a good lead: “‘Let me tell you about...’ vs. ‘I want pink balloons at my funeral.’” Which appeal letter do you want to keep reading?

Facebook for nonprofits: Moving your marketing beyond the “Like”
(Big Duck)
You know how to post photos and get likes, but you may not know how helpful, and sophisticated, Facebook can be for getting out your message. In this practical overview, Big Duck VP Farra Trompeter shares some of the insights covered in a recent NTEN meetup she helped organize, including eight helpful tips (with links), and a slideshow/video combo put together by a Facebook client partner in association with Planned Parenthood Online.

Now that’s social engagement: #SFBatkid
(npEngage / Blackbaud)
If you’ve been online or watching TV over the past week, chances are you heard about the Make-a-Wish event two Fridays ago, when a 5-year-old cancer survivor got to become Batman and save Gotham city (a transformed San Francisco). So how did Make-a-Wish get the stunt to become the nation’s feel-good story of the week? Blackbaud’s Amy Braiterman explains how you, too, can reap the zeitgeist by being smart about social media.


What Does Big Data Have to Do With Me and My Organization?
A smart, helpful overview, with a double-handful of links to online resources, about the value of data in your organization—particularly if “you’re not a big collector of online information like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft.”

An Answer for Peter Buffett—Part 3
(Huffington Post)
In the third part of his (five-part) response to Peter Buffett’s July New York Times op-ed, in which Buffett identified a “crisis of imagination” in the sector and a need for “a new operating system,” Bradley Good addresses five vital questions the sector needs to ask itself, including “What does success look like?”, “What is the value to key stakeholders?”, and “What are the critical implementation issues?”

Designing a Learning Organization
(Stanford Social Innovation Review)
This in-depth article from a strategy officer at Elefint Designs includes eye-catching examples of the data maps and flashcards they’re using to make institutional knowledge accessible and digestible for everyone in the organization.


Marc Schultz is Writer/Editor at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

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