ICYMI: Last Week’s Nonprofit News, Today | Mar. 24

Included in today’s roundup: the goings-on at the Gold Dome, including mass arrests (of protestors, not lawmakers) and last-minute legislation; a crowdsourcing infographic from one of the most successful virtual community-builders on the planet; the advantages of a talent acquisition strategy; better branding through content curation; a troubling trend toward Big Advocacy; the supporters of GiveDirectly fire back on their critics; and more.


Draft Tax Reform Act of 2014 Proposes Profound Impact on Tax Exempt Organizations
(Nonprofit Quarterly)
A nonprofit tax expert reports on a bill, long in development, and with a ways still to go (NPQ notes that it may not even be voted on this year), that promises to affect nonprofits in a number of ways, from putting a floor on charitable contribution deductions to imposing an excise tax on nonprofit employee salaries above $1 million.



Thirty-Nine Moral Monday Georgia activists arrested in daylong Medicaid expansion protests at the Gold Dome
(Creative Loafing)
Taking their weeks-long protests inside the capitol building for the first time last week, 39 members of the group Moral Monday Georgia were arrested while demonstrating against the state’s decision not to expand Medicaid coverage as part of the national Affordable Care Act rollout.    

Abortion, Guns, and Medicaid Bills Pass Legislature
(Georgia Public Broadcasting)
In the final days of the state’s legislative session, Georgia lawmakers passed bills confirming Gov. Deal’s decision not to expand Medicaid, allowing gun-owners to carry in more places (like certain government buildings), and banning abortion coverage for many insurance plans. As the AJC reports, they also found a way forward in efforts to reform the state’s broken foster care system.   



Not just about the money: corporatization is weakening activism and empowering big business
(Transformation / openDemocracy)
An intriguing look at how big advocacy groups like Greenpeace and Amnesty International are facing increased competition from big-business foundations by turning into big businesses themselves--worrying more about ROI, and the easy-to-tackle challenges that support it, than creating lasting, sustainable change for those who really need it.  



Cracking the Crowdfunding Code
The man behind craigslist put together this illuminating infographic on the state of crowdfunding today and seven strategies to pull in the most from your peer-to-peer donor network of choice.

5 Fundraising Tips You Can Learn from JetBlue’s Check-In Kiosks
(John Haydon)
Why the discount airline’s stripped-down, people-friendly check-in system is a clear step above the cluttered competition, and why your donation pages should follow suit

Fundraising With Businesses: A Review
(Joanne Fritz / About.com)
Fritz gives the thumbs-up to a new book called Fundraising with Businesses by cause marketing expert Joe Waters, which includes 40 ways to raise funds with a corporate partner, “from the familiar point-of-purchase campaigns to the ‘I never heard of that’ trade-show fundraiser.” Along with pros and cons, Fritz’s review includes Water’s helpful “Seven Steps to Success” list.



Why it’s Important to Invest in Talent Acquisition
(Associations Now)
Before you hire a new staff member, consider the value of a formal recruitment strategy--including plans for recruiting on social media, increasing diversity, and retaining top employees.

Is There a Millennial Opportunity for Nonprofits?
(Social Velocity)
Management consultant Neil Edgington comments on the phenomena driving  Millennial job-hunters to seek out more creative, meaningful, and flexible work--areas where nonprofits have a distinct competitive advantage.



How to Establish Your Nonprofit’s Authority Through Content Curation
(Nonprofit MarCommunity)
A helpful guide to building your reputation as an information resource by rounding up links to relevant, thoughtful, and useful material by others (just like what we do here in the ICYMI column). Includes examples, tools, and places to start looking.

Facebook Reportedly Slashing Organic Reach of Pages
Have you noticed your organization's Facebook page organic reach going down? You're not alone. Here's the absolute latest that will force all businesses–nonprofits included–to rethink their social media strategy.

3 Ways to Make Your Website the Center of Your Online Community
A quick, handy overview of what your website needs to become a hub of activity for your supporters and stakeholders: a “circle” of relevant content, stories of your work and impact, and feedback tools to find out how your visitors see you.

5 Nonprofit Tips for Winning at Instagram
A handful of easy ways your organization can use selfies, hashtags, and other techniques--with examples--to spread the word and build support on on the hottest photo-sharing app right now.  

Nonprofit Video Awards Announced
(The Agitator)
The winners of the eighth annual DoGooder Video Awards were announced this week, celebrating the best in nonprofit videos. Top honors went to Partners for Mental Health, the Canadian Cancer Society, Wide Angle Youth Media, and Alex’s Lemonade Stand. (View all the winning videos here.)  



Big Impact vs. Big Promises
(Stanford Social Innovation Review)
SSIR gives the folks at GiveWell a chance to answer the criticism that ran last week from philanthropists who called the nonprofit GiveDirectly an important but flawed experiment. Defending their $5 million investment, GiveWell provides an interesting look at how different philanthropic observers measure impact.



Engage, Advocate, Advance: A Challenge
GCN CEO Karen Beavor on the sector’s role in policy: “[It] must be more expansive than the provision of direct services: we should be looking for opportunities to engage others in our work and encourage them to advocate for the larger issues impacting it.”

Marc Schultz is contributing editor at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. 

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