ICYMI: Last Week’s Nonprofit News, Today | April 15

What we learned last week: that 2013 saw an increase in demand for nonprofit services increase, but also for online donations; how to use LinkedIn for board member recruitment; why fundraisers need to stop apologizing for doing their jobs; the art and value of letting others tell your story; the benefits of turning your annual report into an infographic; the “obvious” reason volunteering is at a 10-year low; and more.


Report: Nonprofits struggled to meet demands in 2013
(Associations Now)
According to newly-released data from the Nonprofit Finance Fund, 56% of nonprofits couldn’t meet demand for services last year, the highest percentage in the report’s history.

Online Charitable Donations Increased 14% in 2013
The latest annual online benchmarking report from NTEN and M+R shows a big jump in online donations, web traffic, and social media interest for nonprofits. For a closer look, check out Kivi Leroux Miller’s takeaways.

Ex-Foundation Leader Burwell Named U.S. Health Secretary
(Philanthropy Today)
Pending her approval by congress, former Walmart Foundation President and Gates Foundation COO Sylvia Burwell (currently the White House budget chief) will be the new Secretary of Health, replacing embattled Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.



How to Find Your Next Stellar Nonprofit Board Member on LinkedIn
Locating new board talent is a perpetual challenge for nonprofits that want to keep their governance team fresh and engaged. If you feel like you’ve exhausted your own network of supporters, here’s a few tips for finding the talent you need on the popular social network for professionals.



High Net-Worth Individuals: Your Joyful, Generous, and Inspired Donors
(npEngage / Blackbaud)
Blackbaud invites philanthropy scholar and consultant Karen E. Osborne to show you how hooking big donors is a matter of deep engagement and big ideas.

4 Strategies from 4 Mobile Trends
Steady growth in online donations means that it’s more important than ever for you to take your fundraising efforts mobile. Here, one chief marketing officer provides a few schemes for taking advantage of the new frontier, from “marrying mobile and crowdfunding” to utilizing the latest fundraising apps.

Are you really proud to be a fundraiser?
A thoughtful look at the way fundraisers often seem to be apologizing for the very part of their job description--raising money--that they should be most proud of. Instead of insisting that “fundraising is not about the money,” this communications consultant lays out a clear-eyed manifesto for fundraisers that places the job in its proper context: “Engine room of the change charities bring the world.” (And on our side of the pond, a New York Times op-ed by the president of the American Enterprise Institute tells you why fundraising is fun besides.)



Who Brands Your Nonprofit? Who Tells Its Story and How?
(Nonprofit Quarterly)
A national nonprofit consultant looks at several organizations to find out how they prepare supporters to tell their story, and the incredible results they’ve seen from letting others take ownership of the narrative and run with it.

YouTube’s Most Viewed Ad in March 2014 Came From a Nonprofit
For the first time ever, a nonprofit has landed at the top of YouTube’s monthly Ads Leaderboard: Save the Children, a UK-based children’s welfare organization, pulled in 28 million views with a compelling video called “Most Shocking Second a Day.”

Nonprofit Annual Report in an Infographic: Real-World Example
(Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)
Leroux-Miller recently showed you what an annual report on a postcard looks like--now she’s highlighting a winning example of the annual report-as-infographic, inviting the marketing director of Midwives for Haiti to explain the thinking behind and success of their 2013 report.

Make Your Nonprofit Website an Email Capturing Machine
(Getting Attention)
A web design consultant provides three useful tips for getting visitors to submit their email addresses: ask in the right places, provide great content, and make the request stand out.  

Top 5 communication pieces to have ready at all times (and one extra for good measure)
(Helping Nonprofits Communicate / Nonprofit Media Solutions)
An overview of five critical communications elements that should be available to you, and to your audiences, whenever they’re needed: a press release template, a marketing one-sheet, images of your impact, a FAQ document, and a mobile-friendly website.

Nonprofits: Get ready for Charity Navigator 3.0
(Guidestar Blog)
Beginning in 2016, Charity Navigator will add a few new dimensions to its rating system based in your internal performance measurement and data-collecting systems--meaning now’s the time to start designing and implementing those systems.



The Obvious Reason Volunteering is at a 10 Year Low
On the occasion National Volunteer Week, the president of VolunteerMatch looks at the discouraging numbers recently released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the confused reaction from press and pundits, then points out the cause (which has somehow eluded them): “It’s the economy, stupid.”

How to develop role descriptions for communications volunteers
(Nonprofit MarCommunity)
Following up a post from earlier in the month on 14 different tasks a communications volunteer can be put to, a volunteer admin expert demonstrates the value of creating well-defined role descriptions, as well as seven easy-to-follow steps for doing it.



A Special GCN Event at The Fox
On May 1st, at the Fox Theatre, join us for a unique afternoon-into-evening event bringing nonprofits together with philanthropic leaders and members of the business community for learning, sharing, and networking. Featured speaker: marketing expert Tim Halloran, author of Romancing the Brand.

Marc Schultz is contributing editor at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. 

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