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This week – Why does the Obama administration feel the House Energy and Commerce Committee is harassing ACA navigators? Can "selfies" be used as a strong campaign strategy for your organization or is it damaging to your audience relationship? And find out how your organization can receive pro-bono consulting services from Community Consulting Teams (CCT). 


Republicans Harass Nonprofit Health Exchange Navigators (Nonprofit Quarterly)
A look at the demands placed by the House Energy and Commerce Committee requests on nonprofit grantees charged with helping consumers navigate the new Affordable Care Act health insurance exchanges, which require unprecedented levels of accountability ahead of the exchanges’ October 1 launch.

Walmart’s Mixed Generosity: Great for Nonprofits, Not So Much for Employees (Nonprofit Quarterly)
Walmart has been in the news lately due to a wave of worker strikes, whose minimal compensation drive many to seek government assistance. But the hugely successful company is also a major donor to outfits like Florida’s Bay Area Food Bank and the Georgia Wildlife Foundation. NPQ tries to make sense of the Walmart effect, and what it means for nonprofits.


People Like Giving More When the Giving is Social (Co.Exist / Fast Company)
Proving yet again why online giving is the Next Big Thing in fundraising, the blog at Fast Company looks at a few recent psychological studies that show donors get the biggest emotional boost from giving when they can let other people know about it.

Checkout Charity: How Do the Pennies Add Up? (Nonprofit Quarterly)
Teaming up with a local retailer to collect donations at the register is not necessarily a new scheme, but is an increasingly ubiquitous one. NPQ looks at the most recent numbers, and draws a few lessons for nonprofits who want to get in on the retail action, while the Tampa Bay Tribune looks at what pushes people to give at the checkout.

End-of-Year Campaign Planning: 6 Things to Get Done in September (Guide Creative)
September is here again, and with it the first stirrings of your end-of-year worries. Get a jump on crunch time with this quick-and-dirty checklist.

Social Enterprise, Oligarchs, and Economic Justice: A Travelogue (Nonprofit Quarterly)
NPQ looks at a recent story in The Guardian about Russia’s emerging ecosystem of social enterprise, and why it may face “fewer barriers to acceptance than in the United States.”


Weighing In on Sabbaticals (The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University)
Looking at a new report from CompassPoint, which examined the sabbatical programs at five different nonprofits, the director of La Salle University’s Nonprofit Center considers what an organization gains, and loses, when the boss takes an extended break.


Selfies for good? Or just tapping into a narcissistic trend? (Beth’s Blog)
Beth Kanter looks at two of the latest trend-hopping attempt to catch the social media zeitgeist: cause-promoting self-portrait campaigns, currently being waged by the likes of the New York Public Library and the National Wildlife Federation; and repurposing popular internet memes, a strategy used by Autism Speaks and the California Coverage and Health Initiative. Sure, they’re fun and easy—but how are they most effective?

5 Can’t-Miss Opportunities for Extraordinary Donor Engagement (Nonprofit Hub)
Bloomerang’s VP of marketing points out some choice moments for getting donors more involved, and easy ways to take advantage.

19 Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing (Socialbrite)
A handy reference list of things you should (post photos, say thank you) and shouldn’t (respond hastily, use bad grammer) be doing on your Facebook page. 


Governance is Fun… Really! (npENGAGE / Blackbaud)
Ah, the Governance Committee. What does it do? How does it do it? And why does it repel volunteers? This brief overview lays out the committee’s vital role, and why it’s more exciting than the typical board member might suspect.


Coalition: Eliminating Charitable Deduction Not Just “Dollars-and-Cents Story” (Associations Now)
Though the conclusions of a new report by the Tax Foundation, which finds that eliminating the deduction would lead to a $40 billion loss in GDP and reduce full-time employment by 131,000,  might seem bad enough, the Charitable Giving Coalition says it ignores the better half of the problem: its potentially devastating effect on nonprofit beneficiaries.


Findings Friday | Demographics of Social Media Users are Changing Drastically (GCN)
Social media has the reputation for being skewed largely toward teens and young adults, but new data show middle-aged and senior citizens are now logging on in record numbers. According to new research from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 72% of adults with internet access use social networking sites.

GCN Member News (GCN)
Which one of our partners was named No. 1 in Top Corporate Donors? What new additions will be coming to the Atlanta BeltLine? And which local organizations will be receiving funding to help homeless veterans?

Funding and Resource Opportunities (GCN)
Our top picks for upcoming resource, funding, and awards opportunities for your nonprofit. Featured this month: CCT-Atlanta's valuable pro-bono consulting service.

Marc Schultz is Writer/Editor at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

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