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What are some lessons learned from the March on Washington? Is Atlanta's UPS company playing the blame game with "Obamacare" by making changes to their health-care plan? And Fundraising, Fundraising and more Fundraising...helpful articles on tips to get the most out of your campaigns. 


Five Lessons for Philanthropy from the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (keeping a close eye / National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy)
On the 50th anniversary of the transformative March on Washington, led by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the NCRP draws a handful of lessons--including the idea that the March was not a philanthropic achievement, but a charitable one: “Philanthropy does not win victories. It funds them.” Nonprofit Quarterly features a roundup of the (rather lackluster) commentary posted by nonprofit leaders in response to the anniversary. And our own blog, NOW, looks into the current state of issues championed by the Civil Rights movement, in Georgia and the U.S. as a whole.

North Carolina Cops Threaten to Arrest Charity Groups for Feeding the Homeless (Raw Story)
In more hard-to-swallow news from Georgia’s neighbor to the northeast, nonprofits are speaking out against new efforts to enforce an outdated (and largely disregarded) Raleigh ordinance against providing meals for the homeless in city parks. Nonprofit Media Solutions reports on the “perfect PR response” made by nonprofit Love Wins Ministries.

Australia on Top of World Giving Index (The Herald Sun)
In their third annual global survey, Charities Aid Foundation has found that Australia is the “most generous nation” on the planet. The U.S., which topped the list just last year, came in at number five in the 2012 World Giving Index, also falling behind Ireland, Canada, and New Zealand.



Analyst: Don’t blame Obamacare (Atlanta Business Chronicle)
Atlanta-based shipping company UPS made headlines last week for announcing it would cut 15,000 spouses from its health-care plan, citing new costs it expects to incur from the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Not so fast, says an analyst from nonprofit (and GCN member) Georgia Budget & Policy Institute: these kinds of cuts were in the works well before the ACA became an issue, and have little to do with the actual provisions of the law.



Charity: Water’s September Campaign Makes a Splash (Joanne Fritz / About.com)
Good lessons for your next big push in this quick case study of Charity: water’s annual campaign, which focuses in on one geographic region and features clear language about costs and impact.

New Knight Handbook on the Logistics of Giving Days an Excellent Contribution (Nonprofit Quarterly)
NPQ approves of a new, free online guide put out by national philanthropy (and GCN partner) the Knight Foundation, called The Giving Day Handbook. Not just a guide to organizing the kinds of efforts GCN has put together in Georgia Gives Day, it makes a valuable resource for “anyone doing online fundraising in general,” with plenty of real-world examples and “ready-to-use formats.”

Four Generational Sweet Spots for Fundraisers (Joanne Fritz / About.com)
Fritz gets more mileage from Blackbaud’s recently-released study The Next Generation of American Giving: a helpful (and brief) roundup of age-appropriate tips--including reasons not to neglect the Baby Boomers.



7 Fantastic Free or Low Cost Sources to Get Images for Your Content Strategy (Beth’s Blog)
Images are a huge draw wherever they appear: on social media, in e-newsletters, and on your web site. But where to find them? Nonprofit communications specialist Beth Kanter has the answer.

11 Nonprofit Pinterest Board Ideas You Can Steal (Socialbrite)
As Pinterest continues to grow, nonprofits are discovering more innovative ways to use the image-sharing social network. Here’s a roundup of clever schemes--from nonprofits like AARP, American Red Cross, Oceana, and more--suitable for adopting and adapting to your org’s particular mission. (Think trailblazers, how-tos, and illustrated testimony.)



Unlease Your Organization’s Knowledge Sharing Processes (Beth’s Blog)
With limited time and energy, sharing lessons learned throughout your organization can seem like an unaffordable extravagance. This guest post from one nonprofit’s “knowledge management VISTA” explains why it’s a vital component of effective operations, and gives you the steps to make it happen.

The Benefits of Cash Without Conditions (Opinionator / The New York Times)
As nonprofit professionals, we’re all pretty familiar with the advantages of getting funds earmark-free. But does the same apply to the money spent on our beneficiaries? Author Tina Rosenberg takes a critical look at the work of GiveDirectly, a top-ranked global nonprofit that gives no-strings-attached cash to people in need.  

August Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Playing Well with Others (Kivi’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog / Nonprofit Marketing Guide)
Relationships, relationships, relationships: that may as well be the motto in the nonprofit sector. Leroux-Miller has a long list of links tackling every kind, from boards to fundraisers to grant writers to program staff and more.



Findings Friday | 50 Years On: Recommitting to Jobs and Freedom (GCN)
As the nation commemorates 50 years since the March on Washington, researchers and thought leaders reflect on new data on upward mobility, education and jobs that suggests the sector should recommit our resources to issues of civil rights.

Fundraising Tip: August 2013 (GCN)
A few practical take-aways from the new Google study looking at online giving behavior, which shows that donors are already thinking about holiday and end-of-year giving as early as September.

GA Gives Help Desk | I Applied. Now What? (GCN)
Have you signed up your nonprofit for Georgia Gives Day at GaGivesDay.org yet? Well, of course you have. Here’s five steps to take next in order to make sure you’re ready to accept donations through our powerful but easy-to-use online giving platform. (And if you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? It’s quick, simple, and free!)

Marc Schultz is Writer/Editor at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

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